How is everyone tonight?

Hope everyone is ok.

The better weather helps our moods but life can still be tough.

I have been ok this week. I will be glad to leave work next Friday. I need to have some time out.

Went to see a dog that needs rehoming today but he wasnt suitable. Having a dog might be good company but has to be right other wise that may cause more stress.

I just want to get through this week.


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  • Hi David,

    I've been wondering how you were today

    Yea the right dog will be a great distraction for you & good company

    Roll on Friday I bet, change is sad but also empowering as it will remove the stress you have about the job but also leave you free to pursue other things that are more enjoyable and less stressful for you

    Great time of year to get a dog, lots of lovely walks in the sun and fresh air .... hopefully :)


  • Hi David

    Yes getting the right dog is important, but be guided by the rescue centre as well.

    I wish you all the best next week and I am sure you will get through it. Take it

    Day by day. Stay strong and take care of yourself at this stressful time.


  • Thanks for responses. We will keep looking for a dog and yes I will take it one day at a time this week.

    Good night


  • Hi David I think it's great that you are thinking of getting a dog. Don't forget though they involve a lot of work and expense. Please have a dog because you love dogs and not just because it can be company. But I think it's great you are going to a rehoming place as these are the pets who need good homes the most. Good luck with it. xx

  • hi agree .go to a rescue centre.some dog swill have a history btu with time and perserverence will make a wonderful second rescue dog came with a lot of issues but now is a different dog .I am so glad I didnt give up on him .his previous owners wanted him put down btu he was given a second chance.all they need is the right environment.rescue centres will mathc you with the right dog for you.

  • One more week - you can do it! I think it's important you have something to focus on after half term, otherwise you'll hit a low at not being in work. Enjoy the sun today David - it'll be raining before we know it! X

  • Can I make a suggestion about the dog dave ?.

    Get yourself a staffie, they only need grooming once a week , they are very intelligent, ,funny ,lovable,they love to warble !.

    You could perhaps get yourself a rescue staff that's a little older, in that way it would have been checked, chipped and neutered. Battersea dogs home ,always seem to have a surplus.

    As long as they are checked they come out as the top dog for families.

    I have had my Harvey now since I rescued him 16 years ago ,hes brilliant with children and other dogs , and hes a real people pleaser.

    They get too much bad press being bull terriors, but I would get another in a flash.

    Its the owners that make the dogs,

    I used to do obedience shows with my dogs, so I know a bit about them .

    Pete .

  • Hi David,

    I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better.......I too suffer from depression and was worried that geting a dog would be too much.....however, I suggest you certainly get a dog to re-home..but make sure it is the right one for you.

    Dogs are wonderful creatures and what is important is that they are 'in tune' with your feelings and emotions. My dog (male) knows when I am not feeling well - he is such a comfort - he will sit with me close and because I know that 'he' knows I am depressed and that he cares and is such a comfort. There are no

    artificial feelings with dogs (and animals) - 'they feel what they feel'.

    Also as you know, you have to exercise dogs, therfore, that in itself will help you.

    As regarding the pro's and con's I feel that getting a dog to re-home would be good for you.

    Let me know how you get on,

    Ollybear *And well done for having the courage to leave your job - I dont know the circumstances but I am sure you made the right decisssion.*

  • Thanks for the responses. The dog search goes on. We have left details with rescue centres locally so we will just have to be patient.

    Cant wait to get this week out the way. I wont miss work but I know I need to have something else planned to give me some structure. Friends at work have invited me in to do voluntary work at school, so maybe thats an idea for just one afternoon each week.

    I wil see how I feel. What do people think.

    David x

  • Voluntary work sounds ok , would be better if it was paid work .

  • Hi David

    Glad to see you writing, I wondered where the regulars had got to (including me!). It's a good idea to get a dog, I have been thinking similarly but not yet, yes do choose the dog carefully as the right one will be great whereas the wrong one will be hell!

    Have a good week. It will be strange finishing but good to be able to have time out and that you are viewing that so positively.

    I've just seen your question about voluntary work - and I think it would be a great idea to have a little work to keep you connected to people and the place.


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