just to let you all know its looking like a may have a pituitary tumour , cortisol levels are very low . 450 at their highest after synch test , I am of course terrified and very worried but I have no control over any of it so I have to cope .. thanks too all who have asked .. as you can imagine my depression is at an all time high .. waiting for mri scan ,have been given steroids to take only if I feel ill ie virus etc ...if you think in your heart something is wrong , get it sorted , I have thought for years I had a tumour and it looks like I may have always been right .. x


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  • Hi Angel sorry your feeling so worried, try not to worry until they confirm that

    You have a tumour, I would imagine an MRI scan is the only way you will know

    For sure so keep strong. When is that happening?

    Healing hug


  • just waiting for app ,, I am terrified I am just that type of person .. x

  • Ah that's understandable Angel, try and distract yourself y doing something

    To take your mind off the worries .


  • I wish I could x

  • Hi Angel,

    Oh...so sorry my luv...was thinking of you yesterday but didn't like to ask. Haven't been on here much as other problems mounted up.

    As soon as you get your scan date please let us know Hun.

    Luv n (((hugs)))



  • i will do my friend , I am terrified , you pls take care of yourself too xx

  • Do google pituitary tumour and see patient.co.uk - they say tumours of the pituitary gland are almost always benign and easily operable. Why are you tormenting yourself - please do the research first and think about the situation, it will help you feel you have some control. It is highly likely that your tumour is benign so by worrying when there may be no need at all you are acting as if you know the outcome and it is bad. Waiting is difficult but stressing yourself out will not help your body so please start taking care of yourself and dealing with the reality of your situation - at the moment you have something wrong but in all probability it is not too dangerous or difficult for medics to deal with.

  • you're right I know you are but who wants a tumour or an op ? I am still suffering with the loss of my Mum and I am very lonely . I have major depression and PTSD .. its a lot to deal with . x

  • Oh yes, I can imagine coping with all of that is difficult. Do you have any support to cope emotionally, a counsellor or similar? Suex

  • no not really x

  • Hi, I can understand how scared you must feel as the word tumour sounds so bad. However, I just want to encourage you if I can. A sister of mine had a benign pituitary tumour for over 20 years! She had symptoms and flair ups over the years but eventually it bled into itself and literally disappeared!! She is now perfectly well although takes some medication. It is amazing to see her slim again despite all the steroids she took, happy, confident and working again. Do not automatically think the worst. Many people have benign tumours and go on to live a long & happy normal life. Hope that helps. Hugs x

  • wow thank you ,,, I am so pleased for your sis and ty for the reply x