Non stop crying

All I can add is not really positive because that's exactly where I am. Non stop crying bouts of up to hours, tears even coming out of my nose!

I have the massive support of my mum but she is elderly and not without her own problems. Husband tries his best and sometimes it's brilliant help other times it makes me worse. I have to stay working because I don't have a contract so no work, no pay.

If I had the answer I'd love to help, but I too spiral out of control with bad thoughts, tears uncontrollable and misery.

I'd love a magic pill.

I have just changed from citalapram to ventanix or whatever it's called half way through the change over and it's so painful real pain like inside my stomach in knots, is this what you feel?


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6 Replies

  • You need to put up with experimenting to find the right medication.

  • I had this for years put on prostap injections and first time in years can control emotions apart from a few days a month

    Going for surgery on Wednesday

    To remove ovariers and hysterectomy. I have been on anti depressants since being 19.After my second child mood stablisers that didn't work.Sounds like a hormone imbalance.Take care ask to be referred to a gynaecologist.x

  • Really I never thought of it being hormones?

  • Have you suffered with bloating, weightgain, acne, lower back pain? How long have you been having the uncontrollable crying?

  • No to non of the above. Just a change over of antidepressants tablets

  • Oh I see.It could still be hormonal too. If you have further problems then ask for gyne referral.Hope you are feeling better soon.Is your concentration bad.?


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