solution focused therapy..... Is it as simple as it seems. Or is it a question of easier said than done? Anyone used it?

hello I'm trying to find a practical way of dealing with moving my life forwards. I've seen "solution focused brief therapy" referred to. But the only books i can see on amazon seem to be written for professionals. Has anyone come across self-help books using this technique? Or had experience of using it?


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  • Sorry, no, solution focussed is not as straightforward as it sounds and requires the involvement of a therapist I think. Sue

  • Hi gardengnome, I have not come across any self help books using this technique but I did find a page on explaining what it is about (though you may already have this)

    Just recently I have been looking into a therapy which is called ACT ( as recommended by gambit62) I think it stands for acceptance and committment therapy (rather longwinded title) but it is very much action orientated and focussed on moving your life forwards. It really combines mindfulness and behavioural stuff but is different from CBT as it does not try to elimate negative thoughts, just for them not to take precedence and to carry on anyway !

    There is a self help book available for this and I would suggest you have a look at it on amazon as you can read the first few pages and see what it is about before committing to purchasing. Rather engagingly titled " Get out of your mind and into your life" !

    Here's the link

    I really like the ideas and the methods used in this therapy .Many therapies concentrate on you understanding how you've got to where you are now which is essential of course, but then when you've done that actually looking at the life you do want and clarifying what your intrinsic values are (which are individual to you) and working on these as well as practicing various techniques of mindfulness .Another good book to read is the Happiness Trap by Russ Harris which provides an introduction to this model and there are some free pages and worksheets available if you google that title. Worth a look?

    Gemmalouise X

  • thanks Gemma, russ harriss is really readable, Another of his books "the reality slap" has just plopped through my letter-box. I think it will be a more challenging read as it deals with using ACT , and takes it further to use it to help get through those slaps that life can give, like illness and losing loved ones.

    Yes I do prefer techniques that concentrate on the here and now, as trying to churn through the past just either triggers me or has me shrugging my shoulders and saying " I don't know"