A mad rush of optimism

So...I made an account on a dating site. And now I could with someone around to tell me this is not necessarily the most insane thing since Caligula made his horse a senator. Fortunately I haven't paid for anything so there is still plenty of time to panic and get rid of it.

Ah, Massive Anxiety. Haven't seen you for a while, nice to have you back!


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13 Replies

  • Hi anxiety-ridden you

    Well I don't think you are mad for going onto a dating site but it will be mad if you do not take really good care when you meet someone for the first few times, also do be honest and don't over-inflate yourself, even down to the depression, because you want to meet someone (I presume) who will accept you and like you as you are.

    I met my husband through the Guardian Soulmates column, you might try similar depending upon your interests.

    Good luck, sleep well tonight, have lovely dreams!


  • Hey will, not insane at all but would say like use to just be careful and sensible when meeting etc.

    Well done for taking the plunge, hope someone spots u as the wonderful person you are!

    Sleep well lovely and good luck! X

  • I agree with that. He is a fantastic guy.

  • You'll have loads of fun! I know millions of people have met their other halves on dating sites. I'm a member of one, I just always forget to log on and check my messages. Don't have time for dating anyway! X

  • Lucy

    I might even join one myself, watch this space! ! . Themys look

    What you have started.



  • I don't know how you find time to sleep!

  • Hi Themys.

    No they are not coming to take you away. You have nothing to lose by joining

    A dating site. One caution, now if you like someone on it and your emailing

    Her, all is going well, then the trail goes cold. Don't let this get you down, the reason

    I am mentioning this, a male friend of mine is also on a site and he is a lovely

    Guy but sometimes feels rejected and gets down over these kind of things.

    Dating online is great but you have to be able to deal with a bit of rejection too,

    It's like being an actor.

    Now that I have given you dire warnings and portents of doom, I think it's good

    And it's a very lucky woman who will have a date with you. So enjoy and as Sue

    Said be honest and you will be the bomb.


  • Part of the anxiety is that it will affect me too much, that it'll become something that gets me down. But then if I never do anything then the anxiety over it will only get worse.

  • Aah Will If I was 30 years younger :) xx

  • Me too coughalot1 :) xx

  • If joining a dating site is the height of insanity for you then you really need to try harder.

    Making Incitatus a senator was a long way from the most insane thing that Caligula did. He also sent an army to pick up shells on the coast of Britain as trophies in a victory over Neptune ... and a lot of nasty stuff with his family members.

    May be you could go and pick up seashells on your fist date?

  • Thought the stuff with his family might be a little heavy...I didn't know about the shells though.

    It's mad cause I won't get any replies!

  • Can anyone suggest the best dating sites? I've heard of a few but not done it for years?

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