weight loss!

I am delighted - I am slowly losing weight and have trousers in several different sizes ready for when the weight falls off me (I wish). This morning found I could fit into three pairs of trousers that I couldn't get anywhere near me only two months ago - I must have lost around 3" off my waist! I am really so pleased, it is a slow process but I certainly am not starving, so feel really pleased. Suex


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  • Hi Sue. Really glad you have something to feel up about :)

  • Thanks Themysc.

    Hope you have a peaceful day.

    Sue x

  • Haha wrong post. Saw the name sue and posted. Losing the plot!! Oh well thanks anyway :) and I do hope you have a peaceful day :) and yes I'm glad sue has something to be up about ..sorry sue for stealing your post :) xxx

  • You haven't but thanks, x

  • Yes, thanks, I am feeling a bit better today. x

  • Well done you ! :) lovely to hear your feeling delighted.

    Sue xx

  • thank you. x

  • Be Pete - your replies have gone! But thank you anyway, for your thoughts. Suex

  • Hi Sue and Sue

    Glad you feel ok.

    Happy Easter. Have a good day.

    David xxx

  • Well done Sue, that's great. :)

    Keep up the good work.



  • Thanks Lorraine, it's slow but I'm almost one fifth of the way there...x

  • The good thing is you've lost it off your waist...when I lose it the first thing to go is my boobs (sorry guys) and I've never had much in that dept to begin with. :(

    Good luck with the other 4/5ths.



  • Well... I think I've lost it everywhere in the middle including where I'd rather not, but I'd rather be healthy than worry about looks. Thanks. xx

  • Wot's your secret please?!

  • eating quite a lot but of good healthy and low calories things - today - 2 pancakes with lemon and sugar for breakfast; salmon with big salad and M & S multigrain salad + 3 fig rolls for lunch, lasagne al forno and coleslaw tonight, snacking on fruit and a handful of nuts every evening, low cal drinks. It seems to work and I'm very sedentary!! But it is fairly slow, about 1-2lbs weekly. x

  • 1 to 2 lbs weekly is marvellous, not slow at all, and don't try and accelerate it. I remember my GP telling me to lose no more than half a pound a week. (Don't forget a bag of sugar is 2lbs!) At a certain age, rapid weight loss shows on the face and neck. Your diet sounds as tho you're not denying yourself anything. I guess pancakes are low fat. I wish I liked salmon but can't stand it. I firmly believe weight has a genetic component. My mum and grandmum were big women. My husband is 6ft and weighs 11 stone, has done for years, and eats whatever he likes. So far today he's had toast by the bucket, cheese, 6 cookies, most of a large packet of wine gums. And will have a dinner tonight. His mum is reed thin too. Oh, the unfairness of life........!

  • Yes, My mum and sister both put weight on in the same places at the same stage of life, post-menopause, but because I have joint problems including fibromyalgia but want to be more active I have decided to get on with losing 5 stone over the year or so. I'm making sure I have a multi-vite and Vit D and B12, also that I have enough calcium every day. The best thing is home made soup, especially mushroom and chicken with loads of veg as they are really good for weight loss and I love them, I'm really getting into making soups now. Are you trying to lose?

  • What about juices? Though a half decent juicer is pretty expensive...

  • You need to be careful with fruit juices, they are acidic and loaded with calories and the juice doesn't contain the fibre you get from the whole fruit. And some of those pre-prepared smoothies have more calories than a Coca Cola!

  • Yes, exactly. I never have smoothies now - although the acidic bit is actually good for dieting as long as it's part of a balanced diet - grapefruit is acidic but aids weight loss because of that. I am seeing a dietician monthly so don't need to worry as she thinks my diet is well balanced, it's good ot have her check now and then. We eat normally as we used to but I have cut out the evening snacking on sweet things, cut out all crisps, etc I even have a half pint milk hot chocolate with one sugar some mornings but don't put on weight as long as I eat well and carefully the rest of the time. It seems to work!

  • Hi, we have a cheap manual juicer which is GREAT and better than all the fully automatic ones which take ages to clean, but juices are really high in sugar, not so bad when they are made at home as in the cartons - I do have one glass of carton juice a day and we sometimes make fresh orange juice but I've found I lose more weight if I stay off more juice. Sue

  • Yes I'm sort of half heartedly trying to lose! It's made a bit easier in that I get an acid stomach so should only eat smallish meals and not too much fat or alcohol. I like soup too, it's good and filling, even if it's low cal. It's interesting watching other people - today we had occasion to visit a motorway services (we know how to live) and I watched a morbidly obese man queueing up at Burger King. He might just be there for a diet Coke but I doubt it! I think a lot of people have no idea about what they put in their mouths.

  • I used to have a double cheeseburger, chips and a milk shake from McDonalds every week on the way to therapy! I didn't put on weight even eating that, but it isn't very healthy I suppose although I did enjoy it, eating it in the car on the way!! It's strange that I enjoyed that so much because we are educated and have enough money so generally eat really well... Now I have a grapefruit every day, also the fig rolls every day to keep my bowels regular because dieting can easily mess that up. Some days I have porridge for breakfast, mushrooms are incredibly low calorie so I sometimes have two eggs, bacon and mushrooms for breakfast, no bread, also sometimes if I'm not especially hungry or am working in the garden I have a meal replacement shake - I bought a box of 64 online - Extante - and they are well balanced, taste ok and have roughage in them so are ok that way too. I used to get an acid stomach sometimes too, it seems to have settled recently.

  • The only time we have McD is on way back from visiting mother in law! We stop at the Tothill Services near Newbury on the A34 for our guilty treat. I usually have a burger (special edition one if available), eat half the fries and give rest to husband, and a milk or water. Husband has nuggets and chips and a vanilla shake which, to my horror, I read recently has 12 teaspoons of sugar in it! But he loves them. I don't think it does any harm if it's occasional. Apparently there are families in the US who live on fast food because it's cheaper for them than cooking at home. McD has raised its game in recent years too with regard to sourcing and quality. I love mushrooms and must buy them more often. Eggs and bacon is a good brekker as protein is more filling than carbs so you can forego the bread. You see, I know all the theory - it's putting it into practice that's hard!

    PS Can't have grapefruit as I have to take pesky blood thinners and it is contraindicated.

  • Oh, shame, I love red grapefruit.

  • Sue I amJust reading your post now. Well done on the weight loss. That must give

    You a right little boost. It's not easy dieting when fighting Depression, so take a bow.

    Hannah x

  • Thanks Hannah, bow taken! xx

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