How do i let my partner know when I'm feeling low or should i keep it to myself?

I have had depression/anxiety since i was little (am now 25). I cope much better now am on medication but still get bad days. i've never been good at talking about how i feel especially in relation to asking for help or relying on someone else. if i'm feeling sad i never let him know as i dont want him to know there is something wrong and i dont understand the benefit of him knowing. i dont know how to be open with him or if i should be

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  • Hi

    Welcome to the site if you are new? I'm glad meds are helping you and that you feeling better overall, but of course we all get bad days. Whether you share that with your partner depends upon so many things - there is no right or wrong. If you think it will help you for him to know then do tell him, it all depends whether you think his response will be helpful or not, whether he will understand. If you think he will understand then you might just gently say something like ' Despite being on meds and being happy with you I still get really low sometimes, would you mind giving me a cuddle'. I found saying something similar to my husband helped me because now I know he knows and I don't have to hide how I feel - though he still doesn't understand, but does give me a hug when I ask which helps a little.


  • Thanks for your input sue :)

  • Aww sue that's the nicest reply !.

    And so true.

    I live alone, and miss the cuddles, x

  • Oh that is sad, have a virtual cuddle and wish I could give you one as that costs nothing... Suex

  • Hi littleoyster and welcome to the site. It's nice to meet you. I agree 100% with Sue. It can be difficult with a partner can't it? x

  • Hi littleoyster

    welcome to the site. I really struggle telling people how I feel too. I have started to tell my husband when I feel sad and he gives me a cuddle, he doesnt know what to say but a cuddle is what I need. Im sure your partner would want to know how you feel and letting him know will help to make you feel better too

    Jules x

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