better day despite the falls

Hi everyone

Today has been an ok day for me despite being in pain and the usual depressed feelings. First I went to the walk in centre about my intercostal muscular injury and the triage nurse was lovely but the second one implied I had wasted their time going (!) as they do nothing with rib injuries anyway, and although I pointed out that I had come to check what I had injured as I was not sure I felt irritated.

However, a friend is coming for lunch tomorrow and the idea felt too much but I made myself go shopping to get some nice things for lunch and that brightened me up a bit. Then I made myself a really healthy lunch and sat in the garden eating it. The sunshine and flowers really cheered me up and I decided to just do a little bit of pottering to see what I could manage. In the event I spent the whole afternoon working out there despite the pain and now I feel much better for it, still in pain but healthier.

I hope you have all had a good day today too and are enjoying the gorgeous weather where you are.


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  • Hi Sue that other nurse sounds very hard, but I'm glad you managed to get

    Some pottering done, gardening and looking at flowers is always a great antidote

    To life's slings and arrows.

    Nice to have a friend coming and you can have a good chat. But don't do too

    Much or you will take longer to heal. Anything with the ribs is very painful.


  • thanks, x

  • Sorry about the unsympathetic nurse.

    Glad that you managed to get moving and felt that today was a better day.

  • thank, xx

  • I'm happy you felt cheery today Secondhandrose.

  • thank you, I didn't exactly FEEL cheery but I did cheery things which is something!

  • Well done Sue. It just proves that those with depression have to do something to get motivated instead of the other way round. Sounds like you have a good day. xx

  • Yes I did have the energy to motivate myself a little. Thanks for your good wishes, Suex

  • It's horrible when medical people make you feel silly. If we all had the same knowledge as them, they'd be out of their jobs! Hope you have a lovely lunch with your friend x

  • Thank you - we did! x