Hello all

Hi.everyone hope you all ok and manage to cope with each day im ok although lately I've felt guilty about not working since i left school but keep telling myself even if i end up volunteering it will be worthwhile thing having some hypnotherapy did me good its surprising how powerful the brain is when you think of good things not easy i know but its better than analysising every situation in life

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  • hello duncan :)

  • Hello hamble99b hope you are well

  • How long ago did you leave school? I think volunteering is a wonderful way to contribute to society, it's something I'd love to do if I had more time x

  • Hi Lucy I left school at 17 and not stuck with any job at the moment I'm taking my time and hopefully volunteer with animals one day anyway hope you are well from duncan

  • Hi Duncan

    It's great that you are looking for ways to make a life for yourself, that is the most important thing, that you want to find a way to contribute whilst also gaining satisfaction for yourself. Do you have any specific area that you think you may volunteer in?


  • Hi sue I agree with what you say I'm hoping to volunteer with animals as I find it soothering and relaxing I think I need more time to firgue out what I would like to do anyway hope you are well fromduncan

  • Hi Duncan

    Volunteering sounds great and it will help you In every way. Are there any courses

    You can do that would help you to get a job , I know it's hard nowadays . I'm not sure

    What age you left school at. Or what skills you have. You could always thinkAbout going back to education too, which would help you get work.

    Duncan great to hear from you and look after yourself

    Hannah x

  • Hi Hannah I finshed school at 17 had various jobs but could not stick to them I think I would like to volunteer with animals anyway hope you are OK from duncan

  • Good to hear from you again Duncan. Just do what you can and as we have said before either volunteering if you are up to it but do be careful not to put too much stress on yourself as many of these roles are "caring" roles and can be quite demanding, or did you have any success looking for Mind groups in your area? As long as you keep yourself active and meeting people that is the good thing. Try not to feel guilty as you sound like someone who always does their best and we all have different qualities. My job history is absolutely appauling but I am coming to accept that does not make me a bad person and like yourself I contribute wherever I can. :)

  • Hi still trying thank yov for your comments I think I need to take my time habit more anyway hope you are ok

  • Yes do take your time. We are all different and there is no need to feel bad about not working. Just maybe try and find something you enjoy doing or that makes you feel a bit better or try and get more support for yourself if you need it to access these things. Take good care, I'm ok thanks, stilltrying!! :)

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