a good assessment!

Hi, just to let you all know that the assessment went really well in that the assessor was sensitive, caring, professional and knowledgeable so I felt able to talk freely and tell my story. She is unsure whether they can offer anything that will help me and needs to speak with her line manager first and then will see me again which I appreciate is the correct thing of her to do. So I will find out in a few weeks whether they can be of help. At least the appointment was not harmful and I felt listened to and understood. Suex

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  • Hi Sue, glad it went well - makes such a difference when you feel valued and understood.

  • Yes, just the fact that it wasn't frustrating and harmful is helpful in itself. Thanks for responding. x

  • That's great news! Walking away feeling that someone is actually interested in what you've been saying makes a huge difference. When I see my counsellor, I'm always touched by how he's remembered tiny little details of things we've talked about it. I know that I'm just one of loads and loads of people he sees in a week, so it can't be easy to keep on top of everyone's stories. Hope they are able to help you in a way that suits you Sue xx

  • Thank you, I hope so too although I am not optimistic as I am not typical of NHS clients and in a very different place from most. I will have to wait and see. I hope you are enjoying the time off school? Suexx

  • Yes, bit strange being at home this time of day! Just off out into the garden to dig up some brave weeds!

  • Brave because of the cold??Or brave because you are after them! Have fun! x

  • Sue that's good. Hopefully they may find something that suits you.


  • Yes, let's hope so. x

  • Hi sue I'm glad it went well for you. Hopefully they'll be able to offer u something useful x

  • Thanks, I hope so too. x