How do you tell the difference between mind aches and pains and the real deal?

Hi I am new here to this forum. I'm here suffering from depression and health anxiety. I am more in a rut thinking these could be my last few days and I'm constantly crying. My right knee had been hurting went to the doctors they told me I might have a torn ligament in the knee and on the arch of my foot I have swelling a ball almost that's hard and is constantly tingling they told it "might" be do to the knee joint that's inflamed causing the adjoins joints to become swollen as well. I heard that when it's vein related swelling is hard so I'm here thinking I have a dvt in my foot and these doctors are just guessing. They will check me again once the swelling goes down. Oh and I experience sharp jabs of pain behind my right breast which they pulmonary emboli have a tendency to do that. The tingling in the arch is non stop know and I'm wondering is it my head? Is it me focussing on it causing this? I get depressed thinking I might die on my kids (I have 4). Doctor told me a depressed mind can be powerful to make any symptom real. What do you think dvt or mind? I know this is long, I'm sorry :(

Thank you for your time

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  • Hi and welcome to the site where we are a really friendly bunch.

    I can't say whether it's DVT or depression - but I can say that feeling anxiety about the possibility of dying can create all sorts of symptoms that can seem very serious but are just due to the anxiety, so perhaps you need to think about what the anxiety is about. You fear dying on your children - do you know why you are so frightened of that happening, did it happen to you, or do you maybe feel burdened by the responsibility of being a sole parent? When you understand that emotion then whatever the cause of your symptoms you will feel a lot better and the symptoms are likely to be of less concern to you.

    Do you know when you will see the GP again and are they doing any investigations or allowing time to heal the problems before assuming they are serious. An inflamed knee joint can certainly cause the foot problems you have as I have had similar symptoms, and the pain behind your right breast is also likely to be a trapped nerve, perhaps due to inflammation. I have also had similar symptoms - you might like to look at the fibromyalgia page on the health unlocked website and repeat your post there as many people on that link have similar problems.

    oh, and stop apologising - your post was not long - mine are often MUCH longer!


  • Thank you sue for responding and welcoming me.

    I generally have a fear of dying. I want to be able to live and be there for my kids. I was close to a cousin of mine when we were little she passed away of a heart condition at the age of 3 I was 5 and I guess I have that in mind no matter what age everyone has a time limit and I read all these stories of moms dying on there children its horrifying knowing those kids will grow up without one parent. Unfortunately with my depression I'm not being able to enjoy them to the greatest since I'm always worrying and thinking they'll miss this if I die whenever we are having fun. Silly I know.

    Thank you for recommending the fibro page I will do that :)

  • Yes, what you say about your cousin's death makes sense and isn't silly, but it seems circular in that because you are worrying about not being with them and becoming depressed you are then not fully with them emotionally. You can be helped to break out of that circular pattern through CBT and your GP can refer you so why not see him. Sue