Why is it everything goes wrong at once????

Yesterday my ESA reconsideration was put on hold until I get some more information from the doc, being going on since January. Don't know how much longer I can carry on like this?????? Then TULIP my 14yr Cairn Terrier became ill, wasn't eating etc she was like a lifeless doll. My children feared the worse thinking she had a tumour but I thought it was an abcess as it was squashy. Anyhow I was right and it burst so I cleaned it all up and we took her to the vets. The vet said I did a good job and saved her from having an operation and now she is on painkillers and antibiotics. Hopefully now I will start having some good luck after an awful 4 months!!!!!!!!

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  • Glad that you managed to get Tulip sorted.

  • I am, it was very touch and go but she's started wagging her tail and eating her favourite meal 'cat food' which she only has now and again. Usually Tulip, Maisie and Rubi eat dry dog food with plenty of water on hand.

    They made me get up in the morning especially on my bad days, they seem to know when something is wrong.

    Wouldn't be without my animals, they are my medicine when things get bad.

  • Evening maisemoo

    I do feel for you with the ESA thing as I am having some trouble with them as well. They want me to go for a medical miles away in the middle of London. My doctor says I can't do it, but they are now saying get a taxi and we will pay. Am not going and have told them I just can't travel that far away from home, so god knows what they will do now.

    Well done for sorting your dog out am sure your children are pleased.

    Am sure your luck will change soon, sending you positives vibes.


  • Evening Gardenertwo, I found out yesterday from the horses mouth that they no longer ask for information from your doc, specialist etc. She told me that it is up to me to get the information so that means finding £20 to get a letter from my doctor etc.

    Just given Tulip her antibiotic without any fuss. I got some margarine and put the tablet inside.

    If you have a nice doc, can't you get him to write a letter to the SLUGS explaining why you can't go to the medical, especially in the middle of London.

  • Ah you poor love. I am really glad Tulip is on the mend. That's very important as pets

    Are so so important. Hopefully your other stuff will get sorted out, it can be very

    Hard waiting on Decisions that are very important for us.

    Look after yourself too. Give Tulip a cuddle from me.


  • You have the same name as my oldest daughter.

    Tulip is 14 now and we have had her since a puppy so she is very dear to us, so are Maisie, Rubi and the rest of my zoo.

    With everything that is going out, I feel like I've been on a downer since January. The only thing that keep me going are my children and my zoo, some days I just sit there in a haze and Maisie comes up to me and nudges my arm as to say 'we need feeding.'

  • Ah I hope you really begin to feel better soon. It's tough when

    You get these down times. Be good to yourself please.

    Hannah x

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