Help, what do I say to decision maker for reconsideration for my ESA, she is phoning tomorrow morning????????

My ESA reconsideration has been in since January. I've been on ESA for a couple of years now but failed my latest medical.

I suffer from Emphysema, Bronchiectasis, double scoliosis, half a bladder, hearing problems and depression which I've suffered for years.

I had an assessment done by parabl(mental health team.) And failed. So now I'm waiting for more counselling.

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  • You need to answer their questions as truthfully and in as much detail as you can. Ask for extra time if you need it and don't be afraid to ask her to repeat a question, or explain it in more detail. Other than that you have to put your faith in the system and trust that the right decision will be made. Good luck :)

  • Make sure you are supported by having someone with you when they phone. This is important as it reminds them that you do need support with everything. Tell them how much your physical and mental condition is affecting your ability to cope with everyday things. When they ask you specific questions answer that it will vary very much, and you cannot give a precise answer except that it varies according to how bad you are at any given moment; as with any physical health condition or mental health condition our ability to do things will change all the time. Tell them all the specialists you are seeing and

    when you last saw them and next will see them. Presumably you have telephone interview because you are unable to attend personally. Remind them of why you can't get about and explain all the situations where you need support such as getting about, communication and so on.

    How will you manage the phone call with your hearing loss? Do you have specialist equipment? Explain about this and how difficult everyday communication is for you and how much you rely on support for this.

    Try and concentrate on all the things you CANT do or your ability will vary.Do not be brave and say "yes I can manage that on a good day". Say "it will vary" and "on the whole, no I can't do it".

    It is a horrible process (I have been through it) as you have to focus on your problems and it reminds you of your problems. Don't put on a brave face, that's all I will say. Many people make this mistake. You have to face how bad your problems are and focus on this . This in itself can lead to more depression but it is the way the process works.

    Best of luck.

  • Hope this goes well for you. You just have to be honest.

    I have just applied foe ESA as I cant work full time due to my depression.

    This system sounds quite daunting but we have to trust that everything will work out for us.


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