Hi everyone, iv`e gone from taking 75mg to 150mg to 225mg of my meds, been on 75 for 2to3 yrs but got very depressed so my doctor upped my dose. The trouble is i`m waking up round 3 or 4 in the morning by 7oclock i feel awful i get up have my tablet it`s taking 2 to 3 hrs before i feel any benefit.This has never happened before, has anybody else had the same experiance.I`m begining to think they don`t work for me


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  • Hello busy,

    this medication has a tranche of contraindications that includes sleepless nights. Some times with this group of drugs can be better taken at night this should make you more alert in the morning. I take all my medications in the evening just before bed and find I am more up to the day.

    If you have been feeling depressed because of the problems of above it may be you could feel better and your script may be able to be reduced.

    Remember I am not a GP so take his advice, although you could try above,you never know


  • Are you on the normal one or the 'modified release' XL? Has anything happened in your life recently to make you feel more depressed?

    75mg is a very low dose to have been on anyway but are you waking due to anxiety about something?

    I am on the XL ones and have been for around 15 years @ 300mg per day but have recently cut down to 150mg as I felt emotionally numb to the extent that I haven't dealt with emotional issues as they've happened and a lot of stuff has built up that I need to learn to deal with. I am also on Reboxetine 4/8mg per day plus Diazepam 30mg per day and even on all these made 3 suicide attempts last year.

    Are you receiving any help other than seeing your GP?



  • Hi Lorraine, i`m on the M/R one, yes maybe worrying about going back to work,but i need to get back into a routine.I had cognitive therapy about 8yrs ago can`t say that it helped me that much, trouble with me is i`m a pessimist not an optimist that doesn`t do me any favours. How you doing on the 150mg?xx

  • I'm doing better most days, at least I can feel emotions again now, even if they sometimes take me by surprise.

    We certainly weren't made not to feel anything! :)


  • I was on this medication for 3 years and then stopped as it was doing nothing for me in the end, maybe its time to change meds?? good luck xx

  • Hi Mitch what did you change to ? I`m worried about changing in case it takes a while to find another one xx

  • Liz I went on to the most basic 20mg citralopram and it worked wonders, but again only been on it 16 mths and now doubled my dose 40 mg sometimes 60mg and not really touching me xx I do believe we become immune to the meds in the end xx good luck sweetie xx

  • I wish we could all become immune to depression and any other mind effecting disorder xx

  • My doctor said it is at its most effective at 225mg - but I think I was having lots of sleepiness nights before it so can't say if it's the drug or not

  • Hi Warren, i wonder why some doctors perscribe higher doses than the 225mg ?

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