Advice urgently needed !

So, I've now turned 16. I wrote on here a while back when I was 15 and exclaimed all my feelings, thinking that I had something wrong with me, which I still believe. I still haven't ha the courage to go to a GP and talk about my feelings, but I can't push them away any longer, they are becoming too strong and it's physically impacting me. Everyday I'm getting asked "what's wrong?" Usually, I could just fake it with a smile, but now, I can't and it's really starting to show. I want to go to a GP but I wouldn't even know how to approach it, or what to say to them, or anything. Can someone help me? These horrible feelings have been going on for about 2 years now, but have gotten worse over the last 6 months. Also, they're getting worse as my GCSEs are getting closer.


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2 Replies

  • Hiya

    It sounds like you're having a really tough time, and I can understand why you might be reluctant about going to the GP. Having depression doesn't mean you have something 'wrong with you'. It's just one of those things that happen to some people. It's very normal for teenagers to feel odd, or sad, or anxious about things, but you have identified that the way you are feeling is impacting on your quality of life, and I think you're right to think about seeking help.

    I'm guessing someone on here has probably asked before, but do you have a teacher you could talk to about it? How about a school nurse, or counsellor? You are old enought to visit your GP without your parents, but this can be quite a frightening experience. Are you not able to talk to a family member about how things are for you at the moment?

    Lucy x

  • Oh dear it sounds awful for you but can u describe what yr feeling then we can see if we have a solution. Jean

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