Does anybody get state benefit due to not being able work full time due to depression?

I have recently been advised by medical professionals to reduce my hours at work due to depression and anxiety. My employer has been very supportive in allowing me to do this.

Obviously my wages will be reduced. I was wondering if I can claim benefit due to not being well enough to work full time. This would just top up my wages so Im not expecting full benefit but anything would help as I will be earning half as much now!

Can anybody please help.



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  • Hello David, this will very much depend on your personal circumstances. For example if your wife is working, amount of savings, and also even whether your hours are contracted to be permanently less or just temporarily may affect it, I am not sure. However there are things like council tax benefit and housing benefit that apply in my area to some people; there is also something called working families tax credits which may apply. Best thing to do is to contact the office whichever one it is local to you that deals with these things or if you have a CAB they may be able to advise. I have also found the following online site; it is a way of assessing online and anonymously whether you'd be entitled to any benefits and what they may be but it looks like it is only available till March 30th so you need to be quick!

    Hope this helps, gemmalouise :)

  • Hello

    You maybe able to get what was known as DLA I think it is the same although different name now

    It used to be set at three levels depending on the range of your disability, this allowance assists in giving money to you to manage with your problems

    Also there is a further section that gives money for travel again this is set at three levels.

    The allowances now are part of the governments new benefits so I would imagine are now different, although the same.

    Try web pages

    Good Luck


  • Thanks for this I will look at these websites.


  • Hi Golfer 15

    Just thought I would let you know, if you are incapable of any kind of work due to your condition, you can apply for ESA (Employment and support allowance). You have to fill in an ESA50 form, which is long and very involved, and does have a section on mental health. You fill it in giving as much information as you possibly can, enclosing copies of any letter of backup from health professionals. You get given a certain amount of time to fill it in and get it back to them (always take a copy for your own sake). And of course, as was already mentioned, you can apply for DLA (disability living allowance, you can get help with personal care, and help for mobility.

    Hope some of this may help.

    Wishing you all the best.


  • Thanks for this. I will try ESA.


  • hi dave I am actually on the employment support allowance, since I had my car accident ,and I have also got a cut in my council tax.

    housing benefit depends on whether you own you own house or not, and also these benefits depend on whether you are self employed or not.

    the forms are hard work though.

    I am self employed ,and have now been off work for 4 months .

    I get approximately 71 pounds a week to live on plus the council tax reduction.

    I am now actually suffering from anxiety due to my trauma, and I think I will soon contact lets say the CAB.

    for more forward advice .

    but all the best to you any how dave, you can only try.

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