Really Weird Dream

Had a really weird dream last night. Basically I started to experience my fingers falling off and bleeding for places that I shouldn't bleed from. I woke up just as someone was taking me to hospital.

Part of it was probably the comic book I read before I went to sleep - Deadpool loosing his healing factor and being without a digit - but some of it was probably about carpel tunnel and extremities going to sleep.

Guess it was a nightmare but didn't feel really panicked by it.

Still struggling a bit with low energy from a cold but did manage to get on to my bicycle so the sensation of feeling as if I'm going to fall over isn't really down to balance - probably just the legs being a bit wobbly ... and generally being tired.


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11 Replies

  • Hello Gambit

    Like me, Was dreaming, thought I was an ice cream being licked, woke up being licked by Pax. LOL

    Life is so strange, I will only worry if I dream of being a bone


  • bob, you just made me laugh out loud........ thank you! it's been a long time!

  • Ah Bob just as well your not a bone . Pax would have a right

    Tasty dinner. You made me laugh too. You are funny.

    Hope your well.


  • Thanks Bob - more of a cat person I'm afraid ... one experience with Bones was one of the cats bringing home a bone with some meat on it one Christmas day - theory is that he'd pinched it from the neighbour's dogs ... Probably more useful than the array of miscellaneous rubbish and earthworms that the current cats bring home.

    Hope you don't have a fireplace or you'd have to worry about dreaming that you were a log.

  • Bob, you make me laugh! :) Sounds like you are still struggling Gambit62 : I'm afraid I don't really know much about the vitamin B12 topic but I'm glad your posting and hope it is giving some support. :)

  • hey Gambit,

    i suspect the comic might have played a part?! :-)

    not sure if this is going to help or hinder but found this site


  • Oh this could make Gambit

  • Guess I have a much more pragmatic approach to understanding my dreams - the subconscious working through what has happened and coming up with some weird and wonderful analogies ... like the time I was being chased by a TRex and hiding under the desk at work ... which I'm sure was just because the finance system was a dinosaur of a system :)

  • hehe :-) x

  • Well maybe I should add my own jokey bit now.

    I had a recurring dream once lol :)

    that's it, (think about it )

    Gemma :)

  • i get it i get it! :-)

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