has anyone gone to group sessions,

hi suffer with aniexty and depression but just last week have come off my tablets , sertraline, which ive been on for 1.5ys , early days yet and feeling a bit shitty , but realise my body has to get used to it all again !

ive been seeing a private counsellor and shes been a good help but also had mentioned to me about attending group sessions where i would meet people in the same situation !

any advice appeciated!

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  • Just be careful that it's only physical effects you are experiencing. The whole point of taking antidepressants is that when you come off them, you don't feel depressed any more. Otherwise, it might be that you weren't ready to come off.

    I attend a group therapy session every two weeks. There are advantages and disadvantages. Generally, the only people who can really understand what you're going through, are those people who have walked a mile in your shoes. Group therapy is great for realising that other people know exactly what you're going through, and sometimes hearing how other people cope can be very useful.

    It all depends on the type of group you're in. The one I go to is very light hearted, and quite often we end up going off topic and chatting about all sorts of interesting topics. The guy who runs it is very chilled and he doesn't mind if we don't stick to the agenda or talk about 'therapy' type stuff. I think group therapy could be a bit depressing (a bit ironic really!), especially if it's everyone talking about how bad their lives are etc.

    I would say give it a go. There are no rules about having to attend if you don't feel comfortable about it. Go once and suss it out. Be prepared that sometimes there is an expectancy to contribute, while in other sessions you can sit and say nothing at all if it suits you. Mine tends to be the latter, but one evening, he decided to go around the circle and make everyone say what they had planned for the weekend. That annoyed me, but I told him!

    Hope whatever you decide works for you x

  • Hello

    Not tried it myself although they say it helps to put things into a perspective.

    With regards to your medications, did you just stop taking them or did you withdraw the dose slowly ??

    You will suffer if you come off them too soon


  • I really hope you come out the other end feeling better. You're right though, 1.5 years is along time to be on the meds and you should expect it will take you body time to adjust.

    I think the group meetings will be great! Much like this website only better in a way because you will have contact with these people. But then again, some people find it easier to talk on a website where they don't know and cannot see the others. It depends what you're comfy with. Definitely give it a shot!

    And report back to let us know if the group is of any help ;).

    I've never been in one so can't comment myself but I'd try x

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