Do something silly

To all those young people out there who are suffering from depression as I have all my life, I'd like to challenge you......

Do something silly this weekend that is out of your ordinary : Buy a big floppy hat, buy red tights and a hat to match, go to SPCA and take a dog for a walk. If you don't read, go to library, take out a book and read for an hour while t.v. Is off. Just do one thing that is different from your usual routine and the sillier the better.

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  • That's a great idea! X

  • I can see the wisdom in this Lassy as they do say with depression that anything that makes you laugh or smile can actually convince your brain it is happy! Doing something completely silly and out of the ordinary in that way would set that critical inner voice a wobbling, and changing routine can be a very good thing :) x

  • Yes, sometimes we are so tired of the heaviness one needs to "break it" if only for a short time

  • Also, maybe it would be like taking that full glass of depression and smashing it against a brick wall.....if even for a wee while

  • I have come to this forum because I am EXTREMELY depressed. A long, long story but major problems with my family and the relations between them and my wife, who is chronically sick but at the same time they hate with a passion. Because they hate her, I am now disinherited. That's the summary version.

    I originally read the OP and was actually really angry. I was in a bad state of mind and was extremely irritable. I scoffed at everything that was said. "Red tights", great advice for me-a guy. "Walk the dog", I have a cat. "Read", I hate reading. I do like to go for walks and so went out afterwards for a long walk.

    My wife is always trying to cheer me up and is often frustrated at my chronic, despondent state. As chance may have it, After reading the OP, I just closed the computer in a huff and stormed out of the house and went for my long walk.

    I came back and my wife told me that she happened to open my computer as hers was playing up, (a Mac too, go figure-never had a problem with my less than half the price Chromebook) and she told me she noticed this forum I viewed. She said she really liked the idea of doing something silly, something fun, something different and out of the box. Just to get me out of my rut and slump.

    So I collapse into the couch, turn on the idiot tube and get ready for another depressed night. A couple of mins later, my wife comes out in a long night shirt and light grey tights. She says "You like?" and I said she looked great. She then tells me, "close your eyes and hold out your hands". So I do, she dumps some material into my arms and tells me "open your eyes now".

    And behold, she has laid out a night shirt and green tights for me. "Come on, it'll be fun, we'll wear these together". I scoffed and actually got angry and told her I'm not a faggot. Oh hell, I could see tears of despair coming and then we started arguing, her claiming as always I just wallow in despair.

    I thought then "Oh WTF" and thought I'd forget about myself that night and do something that would be different and out there for her sake. So I put on the long night shirt and pull on the tights. She was thrilled to bits and she kept nagging me, "How do the tights feel?" To be honest, I actually liked them and we had a heap of fun wearing them together that night.

    Yes, all my family and personal problems are still there. But it was nice to let go for a night and have a bit of fun and enjoy the company of my wife. We will be doing the same the next night, lol.

    Sometimes you do just have to do something completely different.

  • This is a great story! I enjoyed reading it X

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