Up and down

Last week I went away with my partner, we had a falling out and for nearly three days he completely ignored me, I felt so low, emotional, crying and angry at the same time. His apology sounded more like, 'I'm saying this to make you shut up and I'm not sorry at all'. The effect of this, has made me more determined not to allow him or anyone else walj over me, I told him if he ever treated me this way again I'd pack his bags for him. I've been applying for jobs and plan to move away. I am grateful to my good friends and spent a lovely sunny, Sunday with one very sear friend at a mind, body, spirit event where I was giving readings, it was a real buzz to help others and later we did some mediumship passing messages to loved ones from Spirit. I ended the day on a real high, now I've sorted out all my admin, posted letters and later it's a bit of meditation.

You see, people only have power over us if we give it to them, be brave, be strong, even when you don't think you can, inside each of us is a warrior. Blessings to all


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6 Replies

  • Hello

    Welcome to our site, this is a great site for support and assistance,

    How can we help

    All the best


  • Hi there

    thanks for the reply, I try to find a positive way round the trials in life, not always possible, thought by sharing my experience might help empower someone else.

    good to meet you

  • Hi Sidhewolf, nice to meet you. Well done on dealing with your partner, thanks for sharing x

  • it is fantastic that you have seen through your partner's abusive behaviour - because thats what it is. He doesn't deserve you and your deserve much better. Kicking him into touch is the right thing to do then you will be free to meet a much nicer someone else. Good luck with that. x

  • I wrote a long reply and thought it got posted but now it's not here and I am wondering whether it didn't get posted or perhaps you deleted it? I also think his behaviour of ignoring you for days at a time was abusive, silence is the most extreme form of aggression and punishment. Suex

  • didn't delete, I had a similar problem yesterday and in the end I gave up. Thank you one and all xxx

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