ATOS medical assessments

I've ummed and ahhed about posting this for a few days. I think we're not supposed to do politics on here and I don't want to start a debate. I just know that a lot of people have been through the ATOS assessment, and genuinely thought this petition could be something that some people might want to sign:

The petition is for GPs to do work capability assessments for their own patients, instead of ATOS.


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4 Replies

  • Is that because GPs have the better relationship with their patients?

  • one point, it is very brief and simple, silly question but does it include the details needed to make it a valid e-petition?

  • There was a case in the national papers either yesterday or the day before of a man from my area who had multiple mental problems but was signed off as fit for work and had his benefits reduced to £40 a week. He was anxious, confused and stopped eating and sounded like he basically starved himself to death..

    Whilst I'm not entirely sure that all GPs have the resources I think there has to be something better than what is happening at the moment.

    thanks Will

  • I would be concerned for people who do not have a good relationship with their GP because then they will be caught with one person responsible for even more of their care. It is easy to think of they can change their GP but not everyone can do so and the notes follow the patient so the new GP would anticipate an awkward patient. At least the present system means someone who does NOT know the patient does the assessment and in many ways that is a fairer situation. It is always possible to get a private not from the GP to back up the application.

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