Why am I still in the past???

A man's biggest mistake is giving another man the opportunity to make his woman smile.. I wish to be in past: in the memories spent together I dono when will I move on with my life..I loved her uncondiontally now she is someones soon to be a wife it hurts to see your love in someones arms..

The feeling

I thought

I'd forgotten

Is coming

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4 Replies

  • No Sandy, a man's biggest mistake is not letting another man make his woman smile, when he himself can not.

  • She is happy now with the other guy. I guess this is life everything comes with a expiry this days

  • Yeah you are right. Unfortunately it does. People never seem to stay together now. It starts off amazing and falling in love truly is amazing. But it's all chemicals and hormones and these fade eventually. Couples stay together and are miserable and some break up because of it. I think all we can really do is be glad we had the good times with them.

    I hate facebook, I will never have my bf on fb, EVER! Because if we break up I know I will be tempted to look at what he's been doing and whether he is dating someone new. And that would break my heart. I truly wouldn't be able to get out of bed if there was another woman in his arms.

    Advice: stop going on her facebook! Delete her from your life! Only time will heal your pain but you can speed this up by actively doing things like throwing out what reminds you of her. If you don't, you won't let go.

    And try to remember that she may not be happy with him in a year from now. Maybe their relationship has an expiry date too...

    I know it's horrible, I've been there. But you will feel better as time passes until you are healed, I promise :)

  • Hey thanx,

    Its old post 12 days ago, things have changed too be honest, I got a job will be moving to some other place. so that I don't get to see her in future. . Hope work keeps me so much busy that I don't get to think of personal life. . Well anything for her happiness I really admire for having her in my life and respect her choice as he is genuinely a good guy happy for her.. let she start a new life####

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