Weekend at last!

Ive had quite a difficult week as it was our first week back after the half term break. However, I survived and I feel quite pleased. I work in school and we had a support staff training session this afternoon about how to handle children's bad behaviour. I have been struggling with this lately. I dont have much patience, as that is one of the symptoms of depression, so I found this afternoon very useful. I now feel more positive about work and having got through this week I feel I will cope better with the next few weeks.

The down side is that my contract at work is finishing in May but Im trying not to think about that at the moment. The school might find more money to keep me on!

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I have just bought a new CD which Im listening to. Its pay day after all. Hope to do something nice at the weekend. We need to make the most of times when we feel in a good mood.

David x


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18 Replies

  • Hi David,

    Glad to hear you made it through the week even though it's been a difficult one.. It's always hard when you've

    been off for a while coming back..

    But like you say, it's the weekend, so take it easy and enjoy!

    You sound in pretty good spirits, hope you are!

    And don't worry about what'll happen in May, worrying gets you nowhere ( I know, easier said than done..)

    but try not too think about it too much and you never know what the future brings, they'll keep you on, and if they

    don't you might just find an even better job!

    In the meantime enjoy your weekend, and be proud of yourself for making it through a hard week!

    Love, holly xxx

  • Thanks Holly, just going to my nephews for pizza.

  • Sounds good ;) Hope it was nice and you had a good night! Enjoy your weekend :)

    Love, Holly Xx

  • Thanks Holly, yes it was a nice evening but I was glad to get home. I find small talk difficult especially when I am feeling rough which is how I felt later in the evening.

    Had quite good day today with going to the gym first thing. I went food shopping this afternoon which is tough but has to be done.

    Just relaxing tonight.

    David x

  • Oh I hate small-talk.. And I'm really bad at hiding it lol

    At least that's that out of the way and you had a good day otherwise, well just the gym really, but you got things done that had to be done so now you deserve a well deserved rest, put your feet up and enjoy :) !!

    Have a good night David, speak soon,

    Love, holly xxx

  • I am SO glad it's Friday - been a tough week with lots of travelling to different cities, and meetings with people who previously haven't been very welcoming. They were better this time though. And I did get to go out for lunch and have brandy and chicken liver parfait on cinnamon brioche toast, WITH a peach bellini, while catching up with an old friend (and bitching about work). My contract is finishing in June, David, so we're in the same kind of situation. I'm struggling with the uncertainty at the moment, and worried about finding a new job. You say that you are trying not to think about it - but are you looking for other jobs too?

  • Hi David that's great that you made it through a difficult week and you now

    Feel positive. I actually always think that you are a positive type?, Good for

    You treating yourself to a CD,

    About the Job? You never know something might turn up and it's much

    Easier to suffere the slings and arrows of life if we are feeling positive.

    Hope you enjoyed visit to nephew and talk to you over the weekend.


  • Hi Hannah, Thanks for your reply. However, I dont feel so positive today. This depression is horrible how it makes moods go up and down. I went to the gym earlier and it made me see things clearer.

    I need to speak to the headteacher at school and explain how I really feel. I feel so low and desperate. I get so impatient with the children and short tempered. I have had a tough week because I have been in many difficult situations at school. This depression is really bad at the moment. It makes me really irratable. I get cross at home too. I just pretend that everything is ok but really I dont know what to do.

    Sorry to go on.

    David x

  • I get irritated easily too. It's horrible, you just feel like there's nothing you can do - and you feel so angry at yourself for being so snappy to people but you just can't help it. I get irritated easily by things like the TV or the radio being on when people are talking too - it's like it's too much going on at once!

    At least your tough week is over and next week is a new start. x

  • Carmela yes I get very irritable when I am anxious and

    Find loud people and people pushing me and banging door in your face. These all drive me. Nuts whereas I

    Tend to not get angry with people. It's very hard too

    When your working. Maybe just try a 5 minute breathing

    Space. This helps me forget what's getting on my nerves.

    How's new camera. I love my Cameras and if I won the lotto I would have them all. Lol


  • Hi David,

    We've had to revisit expectations of behaviour and different strategies, too. It's because we've had a massive influx of new children who aren't too sure of the way things work in this country! It would be amazing if they could extend your contract. Part of my role in school is managing support staff and that includes hiring new staff. It's very rare that we have to end any contracts because funding usually gets renewed in the new financial year.

    Have a restful weekend,

    Lucy x

  • What are you planning tomorrow Lucy? . I'm sure Katie was delighted

    To have you around all week. Hope you feel refreshed and renewed

    Very quiet here tonight . I had relaxing day.x

  • Oh my goodness, I only just saw this! I'm sorry I haven't replied! X

  • No problem Lucy. Hope your half term break was good. Have a good week back.

    David x

  • I teach at a secondary school and am getting so much grief from leadership. I feel as though they are trying to push me out. Head teacher had nerve to tell me I was to complacent with my condition. Before Christmas break started suffering from anxiety attacks was put on 40mg citalopram. Forcibly being suggested that I cut my hours, I am single parent with two children. This added stress does not help

  • Hey dude, I know how you feel. I too am in the Education field. I'm a TA for children with learning disabilities and challenging behaviour. Still very new to the job. This last week has been the toughest. I've had to deal with some drastic behavior such as being hit, being run away from, spat at.( Any tips from that meeting of yours? Haha ) It's emotionally draining. I'm hoping that this job doesn't trigger my depression again.

    But it's good to here you're in high spirits by the sound of things.

  • hi mrCB Not sure if you have been given "break-away" or "team-teach" training yet, i work in a similar school, and everybody has been trained up. You-tube and google will has lots of info on "de-escalation techniques" lots of light reading for your weekends------. Skim through and find what is relevant to your situation.

    There is always a reason for behaviours, and after a while you will get to know the kids, and be able to pre-empt, or at least prepare for what you know is about to happen, and so keep yourself and the other kids safe. It is scary and frankly bemusing when you are new to it. What does still wind me up is when a kid demands so much attention that the other kids end up getting neglected, (do you have some where to put spare clothes so that if you get smeared and icky? So you can shrug your shoulders and just change your clothes, that was a lesson i learnt Really Quick!!!!

  • Hi there. I hope you are ok. I have no words of wisdom but you are doing great

    Lottie x