"I dono how to handle friends

I'm upset on myself for being rude with girls, actually my problem is I dono how to handle realtionships specially with the girls as I have grown up only with male friends and never had much friends who were girls and never had a opportunity to interact with girls so far I had 10-15 friends who were girls and I end up fighting with them verbally no vulgarity and finally never to be in touch phrase to end the relationship. Im sorry to many friends though I did said to many but on a long run we got separated by our works and other commitments in life.. I know this is really a stupid post but I'm really upset


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  • It's not a stupid post if it's important enough for you to bother writing it. I think you've been very honest with yourself about the way things have been with different people. It's always a shame when we grow apart from people, but unfortunately it happens and people who once were friends, end up as distant memories.

    It's never too late to start over Sandy. Have you thought about ways to make new friends and meet new people? What about an evening class or a sporting activity? Both would be a bit of fun and a chance to socialise.

    I'm sorry that you feel upset x

  • Sandy

    Just wanted you to know I read your post and I'm sorry you are upset.

    I do hope you feel better soon

    Sue xx

  • Hi Sandy you know it's not a stupid post, your being honest by

    Saying you are upset. Somtimes if I am Depressed I can start

    Thinking of all the mistakes I have made in my life.

    Don't be too hard on yourself as friendship is a two way thing. Joining

    A Salsa class might be nice or joining a church group.

    At least you want to make changes, I think that's a good start.

    Take care and forgive yourself for the past. It's the past. Now is your chance

    To begin again.


  • Sandy, going through all the negative things from the past is just a part of you feeling low at the moment. It is still very recent for you. I think you have shown great generosity of spirit in some of the things you have said about your situation and the respectful way you have spoken about the other people involved .You should feel proud that although you may have had some very emotional feelings you have behaved very properly. It is a very difficult time for you at the moment. I am hoping that soon you may be able to feel some relief from these feelings but it is not silly of you to feel upset ; it is quite natural to be upset in this situation and you need friends like us on here to help you through.

    Take good care in these difficult times Sandy

    gemmalouise x

  • True that I tend to think of my past mistakes and keep myself judging now and then will I be a good husband should I marry or stay single.. I'm scared and nervous to go and see the girls for marriage as we indian beleive in arrange marriage. . post the breakup I guess I need sometime but the family is in a hurry. I constantly keep thinking of my past and feel i'm not that good with girls in terms of behavior or speaking I sometime cross my line and say rubbish in the conversation which keeps them judging me all the time..

  • Happy weekend friends

  • Happy weekend to you Sandy

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