Is it normal for someone with depression to wake the same time every morning (4am) full of tears and not able to get back to sleep?

This has been me for the last 2 months - I have been taking 20mg Fluoxitine for the last 2 weeks. Some days I think it is working others I think it is making me worse. I have nothing in my life to feel depressed about (good job, great family / home life) but I do know my mother sufferred in the same way. Just want to feel normal again.

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  • Hi,

    that happens to me from time to time. It's usually sorted in the past by changing my dosage. Having depression doesn't depend on how good our life is. You could have the seemingly perfect life and still have depression so it's not a case of " having nothing in my life to feel depressed about". Depression can be a result of a chemical imbalance in the brain. Low serotonin levels are common in those who are depressed.

    Gentle hugs


  • Thanks Jilly - I have only been on the Fluoxetine for a couple of weeks - I am told it takes 4-6 weeks to be effective.

  • Hello sjp

    Yes !!

    I wake up about three or four times a week to panic attacks, that are associated with my depression. so you are not alone, different folks different strokes, my time in the early morning is 0.205 hours it is as regular as clockwork, I do not know why.??

    Possibly you can tell me ??

    Life becomes a greater mystery as you get older, asking complicated questions like above, I no longer ask why ?

    All the best


  • Good to know its not just me

  • Hi sjp,

    I don't know if it's normal ;), probably not, but you're definitely not the only one!!!

    I suppose it's all part of this nasty condition they call depression.. I don't wake up in tears, but I wake up,

    a bit like Bob, and instantly feel a feeling of dread and fear, sometimes just pure panic..

    It's awful and I don't know what to do about it, I'm on medication, Mirtazapine, which helps me sleep

    but it doesn't do anything for the wakening up!!

    I hope the fluoxetine helps you, it probably won't take all your symptoms away like a miracle cure,

    but hopefully it will ease them a bit!!

    Good luck, and when you wake up like that, just think half this site is probably feeling some kind of

    similar feeling too, so you're not alone!

    Love, Holly Xxx

  • yes it seemed like an eternity before my anti-dep worked, more than 8 weeks..

    Not sure if your sleep problem started before starting on fluoxetine? ... Ironically it has been the opposite way round with me,, when i am down i sleep normally, but when happy or even a little high i wake early and can not find the off switch to get back to sleep.....

    This might sound silly, but if you are going to wake about 4 anyway, could you use a radio with a built in alarm clock to come on at 3.50 so that the first thing that hits your brain is some music..... Even if you can not get back to sleep anyway--- it might at least help give a better start to the day....

  • It has happened like this before I started the fluoxetine - I think I a, justgoingto get up when I wake up - I got understanding employers who will let me finish early if I start early.

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