He's Changed

That lad you used to know,

He's lost inside, a messed up head,

Scared to connect, scared of reject,

Yet people just judge he's "Changed"

Once strong and confident,

There for everyone, a stable hand,

You could rely on to make you smile

Now hes just someone you used to know

Slowly day by day, week by week

Until Year by Year, hes never spotted a pattern,

By now its too late, lost friends, family and life

That lad has lost himself the person he once was...

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  • Hi David, lovely poem

    "Not yet found" was the expression you used the other day.

    Keep trying; it will get better.

    Gemmalouise x

  • Hi David

    Like the poem.

    Sue x

  • Hi David

    Replace male for female and that just about sums me up too! It's a horrible feeling isn't it...to feel that you've got lost somewhere and that people have given up on you.

    So sorry to hear that someone else feels like this...I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy and yet our worst enemy is probably ourselves I feel.

    Worse yet I am having to sit back and watch my grandson going through similar feelings after losing his dad in his early teens and turning to cannabis for solace - no one seems to be able to get through to him sadly and I'm sure he's just as lost too.

    Good luck in trying to find yourself hun, from the very bottom of my heart,

    Lorraine xxx

  • That's a beautiful post and eerily familiar to myself....

    Holly xx

  • Awe nice poem, but don't regret the past look to the future, wit /wit out friends, I'm sure u will meet new ones in time, keep ur chin up David Jacqui xx

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