G.nite everybody

It's been nice to see the site look so cheery and positive today :)

I'm sure we're not all feeling on top of the world, but at least we're making the most of it and being pretty

positive I'd say ;)

So hope everybody's had a good day, especially Lucy for being the birthday-girl, Gambit, you'll be

missed, Themys well done on getting that job, and everybody else for making this site a great source of

support, help and laughter too!

Goodnight and thank you all, wishing you all a good day tomorrow!

Love, Holly Xxx

6 Replies

  • Thanks for the support too. Ive had good comments today from Lucy and Hannah and now you Holly. Long may this continue. We have to keep each others spirits up. We are the only ones who really know how we are feeling.

    Good night Holly

    Love David x

  • Hope you're having a good day David :) Long may it continue indeed!

    Love, Holly Xxx

  • Good Morning Holly

  • Hi Bob. And Holly the Disposable head inventor

  • Lol I'm still working on it Hannah, few things needing tweaked, can get it off easy enuf, but getting it back on is the problem... Xxx

  • Good afternoon Bob :) Hope your day's going well!

    Love, Holly Xxx