Don't know what to do, difficult decision

I've been to see a dermatologist today, I'm falling to bits! Part of it is in the hope of getting a diagnosis of SLE as blood work proving elusive, but part of it because along with every other ailment I've got going on, I'm governed in eczema and what looks like acne all over my face, scalp and head. The consultant was really good and has identified several conditions all at once, but the most disfiguring one, the rosacea which stops me wanting to leave the house even on an up day, can only be effectively treated by roaccutane. This has massive contraindications for someone with a history of depression, never mind bipolar, but is my only chance at a cure for my skin worrying. He has said the decision is up to me. I don't know whether to risk it or not



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  • What a really tricky predicament! It's a vicious circle it seems. It's hard to advise without being in your situation, but if it was me I'd possibly try and identify which of the two has the greatest impact on my wellbeing, and treat that first. You say that the medication is not for people with depression, but with improved skin your wellbeing will strengthen and your level of depression hopefully fall ...

  • Thanks Lucy,

    I'm kind of in that mind as currently not leaving the house at all because having gone back on quetiapine for bipolar and piled on weight, and now my skin being so spotty, I just feel to self conscious to even be seen out and about and that's doing me not good. I haven't socialised since November! And it isn't going to get better on it's own. But the drugs could send me into a spiral anyway. Argh! Why does everything have to be so hard?!? xxx

  • Hi you have a lot of medical problems already. Reading your post it seems that

    The Exzema and Acne is reLly bad and stops you going out . That would not help

    Your Depression I think Lucy is right and just reading your post the skin complaint

    Sounds much worse than the Depression. No one can see Depression but everyone can see our skin, unless you become a hermit

    I would try the roaccutane and at least you are on antidepressants already so

    It might help a bit. You. You could give it a try and meanwhile keep a good check

    On. Your mood. I personally would give it. Try. Getting your skin right. Would

    Boost your self esteem and help with Depression.

    Good Luck with whatever path you choose.


  • Thanks Hannah, yeah I have a lot going on at the moment - I've had to give up work because of it. I'm trying to use this time to fix as many medical problems as possible while I don't have financial responsibilities. Just when I think I'm making progress I get another diagnosis. Still, you know where you are with depression don't you, sadly I find it predictable after so long, so I hope I know myself well enough to recognise if I am sliding if I try this skin medication. I think I will give it a shot then it's one thing ticked off the list.

    Thanks ladies, I really hope you are both doing as well as can be expected at this time

    Alex xxx

  • Thanks Alex and good luck with treatment


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