Not a good day

I have had a really bad day at college had a pizza for lunch and after lunch I had a headache and came over really shakey and I had AJ my fav teacher with me she knew something was wrong I started crying and she called me out the door and I had fainted in her arm she had to put me on a chair and call the first aid team and they came over the teacher had called the team and they soon after came over and they said its better. I went home I had a good activity coming and it was to do with a important price of work I said can I wait and see how I feel in a little while and I had got better and got my colour back and I did want to go back to class she said I need to go one this was the first aider saying it AJ tried to get me to stay but she said no so I got mad broke down in tears and hit a wall in anger and AJ tried her best to calm me down and my dad was no on his way and the college councler kept saying I wanted to say was going to keep saying I'm staying AJ had a private word with me and then we went out I said to the other people I want to stay and tried running the security tried to stop me holding me and I almost hit him they have not kicked me out I said fine I'll go but I won't come back and AJ wants me to chat to her tomorrow in lesson what I do she said I won't be kicked out AJ was late to lesson and was crying feel really bad have not spoke to mum and dad

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  • Mary it just sounds like you've got a lot of problems at the moment but it sounds like you have AJ on your side and you have not been kicked out of college for what you did today. Obviously you are very troubled at the moment and I don't know if you talked to the counsellor or not as it wasn't clear from your message. You need to talk to someone you trust like AJ or the counsellor about all the things that are bothering you at the moment. It sounds like AJ really likes you and is concerned about you so I would tell her what is wrong rather than just getting angry if you can as you could end up in trouble for getting angry but if you tell her why you are so upset she will try and help you.

    Try and just keep a bit calm and look at it tomorrow is another day so you can start again tomorrow. X

  • OK I will be talking go AJ tomorrow she gave me a hug and said hold on there girl everything will work out in the end things will be OK keep calm

  • Hi Mary sorry you had a bad day today. AJ sounds like a good person

    And She seems to understand what your going through.

    Try to confide in her and this will be a weight off your mind. We all need

    Help at times, it's too hard to go it alone. What did your parents say.?

    It would be great if you just tell them how you feel. Otherwise all the anger

    Will build up.

    Take care and have an early night. Tomorrow you might feel a bit more



  • Hi Mary, how are you now?

    Hope you're ok, keep writing and keep asking for help! You can't go through al this alone and you don't have to,

    you've got support on here and it sounds like you've got support of your friend AJ and people at college too..

    Stay strong huni,

    Love Holly Xxx

  • I'm glad AJ is supporting you Mary :)

  • Yeh bless her feel really bad upsettinng her

  • Still feel down

  • Sorry you're feeling down I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.

  • It won't be till I go back to college then it will still be bad

  • Do you have a college friend that you could talk to about how you're feeling?

  • No don't trust no one really

  • problem is mary human-life relies on trust, and you just have to take some risks .