Feeling of desperation, hurt, loss of trust - caused at Bristol Royal Infirmary


Please can I have some opinions:

I was recently subjected to an examination which was not what I was expecting - and when my legs were pushed apart - I said it hurt too much. The physiotherapist pushed harder. I went to put my hands down to protect myseld and she pushed harder again.

I can't undress on my own and was made to undress alone - and I hurt my back and neck in the process

I was told I had to put on shorts - and I was made to wear a stained size small pair of nylon shorts, that smelt of body fluid - and I am XL size

I was emotionally blackmailed and told I could not get a second opinion

I was threatened and humiliated and they talked about my personal life and made judgements on me.

Later we received inappropriate calls on our phone which were intimidating and threatening

Pals were investigating - but that got stopped because the manager of Pals acted dishonestly and broke the complaint process.

So here I am - scared, hurt, depressed - feeling I have been mentally, physically and emotionally abused

Am I wrong to feel this?

What can I do ?

Why do hospitals protect the staff from complaints and not the patient?

No one has rung me to check I am ok?

They worst thing is - they tried to force me to accept care from the perpetrator after I had complained ....

Has anyone else come across anything like this?

I am so upset with the Bristol Royal Infirmary - they have let me down.

I would love some advice


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  • Hello Steven,

    Sorry that your feeling so badly done to, Generally PALS is very much in line for patient rights and try and get some form of undertaking and apology if something has been done that is not right and caused so much grief. and understanding.

    In the NHS staff are supposed to always treat a patient with respect and understanding sadly time in clinics can be short of time and this can cause problems for both patient and staff

    It may be an idea to have words with your GP as I do not know what your condition is and what age group you fall into. Knowing what problems you have can put the whole problem into some form of context. If you feel threatened or blackmailed these are very serious so discuss with your GP

    There is another way of trying to get all these problems looked into is contact your MP, there is a new complaints procedure coming into play call Healthwatch, although this seems not to be working at this time. Another way of complaining is to contact your NHS Regional Health Office, they also have a complaints procedure. All this seems strange and to give dirty shorts is against hospital policy

    You say you were denied a second opinion was this from your GP or was that from the hospital department ?.


  • I would

    But Pals have been taken off the complaint as they acted dishonestly - they covered up facts, changed dates and then sent out inappropriate letters - so the complaint has just got stuck in a system that failed.

  • Hi Stephen

    You had a really awful experience in which you were not listened to and were traumatised. You were not treated with respect, you were not treated with dignity and you were not listened to. The basic medical ethics of not doing harm were not adhered to. I would not allow yourself to be intimidated.

    I had a very similar experience during a urology examination at my local hospital and found it helpful to write about my experience on the patient opinion website as I no0w know that staff and patients can read my comments and hopefully that kind of thing will not be allowed to happen again. You may find it helpful to express your feelings directly to the consultant under whose care you were examined telling him about what you found so difficult and why, and ask for a response as although that will not change your experience it will let them realise they cannot treat patients in such a manner without it being taken further. You could also send a copy of your letter to the Chief Executive of the Trust under which you were treated and ask for his response too. In the end I think that may be all you can do if you have already taken it up with Pals.


  • Chief exec and MP if it has failed with PALS.

    Been there, done that. Got an apology, a recanting of their original decision and the medication they were insisting had to be bought privately prescribed on the NHS.

    Took 3 years doing the advocacy for my housemate but we celebrated his second NHS script with a nice meal because the cost of meds had gone from £140 per month to £7.85.

    Any phone calls to PALS or anyone else once you have sent the letters ask who you are speaking to and write down name, date and time. As for comments in writing backing up anything verbally said.

  • I agree ... I just hope that it doesn't go on that long .... I don't think I could take it lol.

    The CEO has yet to even respond after 9 months of ringing and writing to him!!!

  • then in that case write to your MP and then write to the hospital tell them what proof you have and that you have not only written to them but also your MP and the minister of health! you will get a very quick response then ! I have done that in the past about Warwick hospital and their whole attitude changed! (For the better)

  • That's awful and they shouldn't be allowed to get away with treating people like that!

    I'm sorry you had to go through that..

    I have no idea or any experience with things like that so can't really give you any advice on the matter, but listen

    to Sue and the other posts above and fight it!

    I can't believe they get away with treating human beings like that, and you shouldn't have to take that, it's

    un-acceptable, so fight it all the way!

    For yourself, and so it doesn't happen to other people either..

    Good luck, wish there was more I could do for you..

    Holly xx

  • Today they have just started to investigate as the MP got involved .... but I can't get out of my head what they did to me and it really drags me down.