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Skin cancer on my upper & lower eyelid Rheumatoid Arthritis CRPS also i'm taking over 30 tablets a day i have morphine based patches and my gp told me i have thyroid disease so i now have to get blood test every 2 weeks he has upped my propranolol from 60mg to 160 mg a day and put me on a small dose of thyroid pills and diazepam in 2010 i had problems with my throat losing my voice for 6-8 weeks this happened 3 time up to 2013 i was put on many types of antibiotics which never worked in 20012 i hade and x ray were i had to swallow and it came back with a cloudy patchy but was told not to worry because it was small what should i do should i ask the doc to repeat the throat x ray

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  • Your thyroid problem could be the thing that is triggering your depression - not an expert but I think it can also cause throat problems.

    I think the best thing you could do is be honest with your doctor about your anxieties and ask him to talk you through exactly what problems and secondary issues the thyroid problem could lead to. Make sure he is clear about how likely each of the possibilities is. Do you have a friend who could go with you - as it might help to have a second pair of ears and someone who isn't as caught up in it as you as it is very easy not to hear things properly. You would then be able to talk things through with your friend so they can help you really recognise what is the actual situation when you feel yourself panicking.

    Booking a double appointment would probably be a good idea as that way things won't be so rushed.

  • Have a look at the Thyroid UK section of Health Unlocked as they can really help. I am hypothyroid and also have small fibre neuropathy. I'm about to undergo tests as I have blood in my urine. To top it all I'm waiting to see a dermatologist for a hideous rash on my face and a gynaecologist for 'other' problems! I take Citalopram for depression. I don't know which forum to go on first! Good luck with sorting your health problems and I hope you get some answers soon. x

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