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I don't think depression ever goes away , I think there are times when we have better days , weeks but then we crash with a huge bang , I think I have tried every pill out there and nothing has really really helped , CBT no thanks .... what next for me I don't know. For the first time in 25 years of depression I cut my self 2 days ago , anger & fear took over ... Mirtazapine is my pill at the mo ,, not really working , although I am only a week in so go figure , My gp wont really give me sleeping pills and or Vallium . I feel lonely and lost ...

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  • Really sorry to hear that you are struggling so much. Depression can certainly be something that recurs - though there are some people that have an episode and recover. I think it depends on what the underlying cause is and having strategies for coping with those situations where you get close to a trigger.

    Please tell your doctor about the self harm as soon as you can. May be that mirtazapine isn't right for you at all.

    I have taken drugs but generally not found them particularly useful over the last 30 years - partly because of something that happened in my childhood. I've found counselling useful - as a safety valve but I think what has really helped me in the last year is mindfulness meditation.

    Have you tried CBT at all and not found it useful?

  • Hey FallenAngel,

    I completely understand, I haven't suffered as long as you though, but I understand the frustration when nothing is working already, I'm fed up of living the way I do with depression, I want to be that happy go lucky student whos just enjoying life, not struggling with depression, mood swings and anxiety. It's just a pain in the ass really. Don't feel alone, I know a few people who feel the same as us, guess the only thing we can do is too keep trying (and I know, I hate it when someone says that to me, don't they think I am trying already?) and to stay positive.

    Always here if you need a chat x

  • Hello sorry to hear you not well its important to try and talk to someone although its not easy I hope you find the right therapy so you can manage your depression of course you will have bad times try writing down how you feel on a day then put it somewhere you won't dwell on it good luck

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