Does anything work out the way its supposed to

Hi again,

so what am i supposed to think after having an amazing week and suddenly im in the fetal position laying in bed crying? does anyone on here know what to think after that? I was having a good time, the stresses of my life petered out and i was actually enjoying myself at work and school. but tonight i got home from work and just laid there..after a couple hours of balling and my fiance trying to cheer me up, i figured id ask.

i hope everyone else is having a decent time, this whole depression thing is just not cool by any means and I hope its not getting to rough for anyone. i know its getting there for me, but if other people are getting through it, i must have the ability to do it to.

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  • Hi, Im struggling too at the moment. Ive been a bit better lately but recently everything has got on top off me. Life is tough living with depression.

    Take one day at a time. I know its a cliche but I just live by looking forward to the end of the day.


  • I have concerns for you here. Don't forget that depression can be physical, meaning chemicals or lack there of, or situational or a combination. It's not a case of pulling up ones socks, or getting through it like other people. You're not "other" people. You are you. Have you been to a Dr. To ascertain if it's physiological. That would be the first step. I have a feeling you might force yourself "up" during work and then crash with the strain upon arriving home. This is a reflection of what I've gone I reacted immediately to your post.

  • BTDT! It goes in phases...

    If you've slipped back on self-care then get it back as a priority; sleep, exercise and eat healthily.

  • Hi what is BTDT?

  • Been there,done that! Learned from my multiple nieces and nephews :)

  • Hello

    Was at the GP yesterday and have a bloods appointment today, then will need to call Environment Agency regards the destroying our garden and I am the same at the moment.

    Winter does not help it is like being on the North Pole it is so dark, so I can understand how you feel, my heart feels breathless and I am beginning to flare again and because of that my head feels like a sack of potatoes.

    It is just one of those days

    Keep a hold


  • Hi Bob, you take it easy today and make a pet of yourself.

    Kind regards,


  • Hello


    Thanks just sitting quiet

    All the best


  • thanks for the posts I know its not phycial or how ever you spell that aha, I have situational depression due to losing a child in miscarriage. my doctor doesn't think i need any medical help for it, and after seeking my own form of mental health help i have found that the counselors in my area don't assist in bereavement, just people with documented medical need. i had found a few therapists in my area that help people in my condition, but they charge 100+ an hour and in my current financial situation i cant fathom being able to pay that. so I've been posting on here, trying to figure out what others do to help them selves in times of need. and its been helping me a lot.

    yeah, the area i live in is backwards and is only now coming to terms with the need for mental health help. try going back in time to when psychology was a joke to the world of science and add in a little bit of ignorance.

  • Darn, I'm at. Hotel and the internet keeps flipping out. With this additional information Cinamon I'm now thinking that what you are experiencing is grief. Since you are so isolated I'm thinking that you should do some research on grief to understand the stages of grief. Grief is a lonely path we all have to travel at sometimes in our lives. When you read about the process I'm hoping that you will understand that you're not alone. MOST IMPORTANT you must understand that whatever roller coaster ride of emotions you may feel during grief, they are natural, it's a process, there is no pill to speed the process (but how I wish there were as I am going though it now, but this is about you, not me). Accept yourself, you are normal, the feeling you are experiencing are normal, if you want to cry, then cry without guilt. Having been a high school counsellor I am yelling out "way to go kid, go to it!" In regard to your going back to school. These sad feelings that overwhelm you will lesson gradually especially when when your hormones level out. I have a great deal of respect for you both for reaching out and, having the guts and strength to go back to school. PS. I went back when I was 27. :-)

  • Can't believe the typos etc in my reply....just emotional in my answer to you