Bad day at work

Feel like I'm only ever on here when I've had a bad day, but I do actually read everyone else's posts every day!

As mentioned before, I'm a teacher, and was observed today by the deputy head. Couldn't sleep well last night for worry (despite having been sleeping much better recently), then my lesson observation didn't go very well, meaning that she will be back to observe again probably next week. Feel really upset and annoyed with myself for messing it up and just feel it's a blow to my confidence when I had been feeling ok at work for last couple of weeks. Don't really expect any advice or help because I know there's nothing anyone can say, just feel this is a good place to put how I'm feeling into words so I don;t write it in my diary (only positive stuff there!)

Anyway, right now I'm not feeling as bad as a couple of hours ago so hopefully just needed a few hours to get over it and will be okay tomorrow t start planning my next observation :(


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12 Replies

  • Teaching has got to be one of the hardest jobs so definitely don't beat yourself up! I want to be a teacher too, so I can definitely admire you. Sometimes classes just won't go to plan, your pupils might feel particularly lazy that day, or be hyperactive or moody, or you might not feel your best. Not having a great deal of sleep probably made you feel worse

    If the deputy does give feedback that makes you feel negatively, just try to turn it into a positive. You yourself said you didn't think it went well, so you can at least identify areas of improvement. However, I'm sure it went far, far better than you're giving yourself credit for!

    What a good idea to only put positive things in your diary! That is definitely a great thing to do

    I hope you start to feel better about it and that if you're observed again you feel it goes better


  • Thanks Clare, I appreciate your response and kind words :)

  • What was wrong with your lesson? Did you get immediate feedback?

  • Hello

    The more you feel stress in the classroom the more negative thoughts will effect your performance.

    When younger I trained as Part time Youth and Community Worker at Uni,40 years ago, I also used to train kids for cycling Road Safety for the County.

    If I lost the plot and felt low that would always be picked up by some little twerp in the back with feet on his desk or in the Youth Club were doing something just to irritate you at some activity or so. So we had to stay on top of them, although the setup was different for the work I was doing, and concept was much more slack, they were supposed to want to be there. Of course many little charmers do not want to be at school.

    All I can suggest is keep yourself sharp, be active in technique and do not let the buggers get you down, give as good as you get, enjoy class and activities, remember you were at school once

    Good Luck


  • I agree with cld6 teaching is such a hard job and you only need one little cherub being yuk to mess things up.

    I am sure it wasn't as bad as you thought. But write down the positives... where it went well and how you can turn around the things that you felt didn't. Positive thoughts encourage positive behaviour.

    Am sure all will go well next time.You do a great job. Julie xx

    P.S. I am a teacher aide and that is hard enough!!!!!

  • hello all the best for today, as a t.a. i know how it can knock a teacher when the feed-back from an ob is not brilliant. know it is easier said than done, but try not to let yesterday affect todays teaching, I'm sure you know how things can spiral in your mind. As for the things needing room for improvement, they are things that can be worked on through the term, bit mean of the deputy to come back the very next day, but may have been the only time slot available, as we tell the kids '' do your best''. Yes I know, we really should rethink those cheesy cliches we tell our kids.........good luck

  • Did today go better? Do you feel more positive? If so, write that in your diary. I think I may have to try that. I had an interview today and it didn't go as well as I hoped it would. Now I feel like giving up and going home instead of sitting at my desk waiting for them to call. I think I may see if I can find some good things about it and write down them down and maybe put off a bad day tomorrow. Thanks for sharing :o)

  • Firstly I want to say thank you for all the responses, I'm finding that this is such a good place to get my feelings down so I feel like I have made an effort to communicate how I'm feeling, then really like to read people's responses but I often feel I don;t have the energy to actually respond, So sorry if I come across as ungrateful at all but not responding, I really do and did appreciate everything you all said.

    So I went in the next day feeling rubbish and didn;t help that my TA was off so I was on my own with the class for 2 days (they are only year 1 and quite tricky behaviour so I do have a class TA). But my Head talked to me about the feedback I'd received and actually made me feel a lot better about it. So I've been feeling ok, except that now I have my follow up observation on Thursday (sorry if I was unclear before, it wasn't the following day - that would be mean!) ad as I'm trying to start to prepare for it I'm starting to get stressed about it again, panicking that it will go wrong again and then what?? Just really need some words of reassurance because although I'm fully aware that panicking isn;t going to help the situation, I can't seem to help myself! Again, thanks for all the previous responses, and I hope everyone else is having a good day xxxx

  • Hi there.

    Try not to start worrying too much. Maybe try and get early nights

    And some relaxation in every day. Any type of Exam is stressful,

    But accept you are a bit nervous but you will cope. I think being

    Nervous is fairly normal on this occasion.

    Good luck


  • You're so sensible! X

  • Our year one teachers hit rock bottom when TA's are absent. It seems all the support is ploughed into reception, forgetting that year one children are only a tiny bit bigger and just as needy!

    I'm sure your lesson will be fab. Keep in mind the obvious - how long you keep them on the carpet, extension for your more able, a clear and measurable objective, varied question types and opportunities to develop literacy and numeracy skills through your provision and focus tasks ...

  • Hi Lucy . How are you.? You sound in good form. I'm ok myself,

    Trying to make little changes and trying to get back to who

    I used to be, if you know what I mean.

    I feel I have kind of lost myself , but I know we change all the time,

    So I am sure the Me who returns will be a bit different.

    Talk to you later in week . Look after yourself too.

    Hannah x

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