after seeing my GP last Monday I came home feeling depressed again cos not getting A&E yesterday fro abdo. chest pain and eventually got an explanation-to do with valve from oesophagus to stomach(why dont drs tell me that instead of saying "its your stomach " or "its indigestion" thye just fob me off.i.woke this morning feeling like i didn't want to get up yet my Annie kept pawing me til I did.gettign dressed noticed how much thinner my legs and arms are plus swollen hard stomach.sores on skin on arms and hands and tightness in neck.dr at A&E said if it returns come back -so nice not like the last one who said rudely " I don't know why you are here"-swollen legs and abdo pain ?


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  • I have erosive gastritis, which is basically discomfort in my stomach caused by parts of my stomach lining which have worn away. What you have got is very similar. I had an endoscopy to find this out and the doctor explained that although it's not caused to stress / anxiety, they both contribute to flare ups. I have noticed a definite link between periods of low mood and abdo pain. I hope you're feeling better soon x

  • thank you Lucy.did you fine eating painful?

  • Eating is ok, because it's my stomach and not my oesophagus. It's about an hour after that it starts to hurt x

  • I find I can eat breakfast no problem then I don't feel hungry the rest of the some point i will cook a small meal btu cannot usually finish it and my dogs enjoy what I cant eat(they hover by my side every mealtime).i tried to eat a sandwich for tea btu just couldn't.

  • H neeello

    There will be a letter sent to your GP from A and E, you are entitled to a copy of that letter, ask the next time you attend hospital that you require a copy of that letter, from that day.

    When you go to see the GP both of you will have a copy and you will be able to discuss what is happening to your body.

    If you are concerned regards weight loss you need to discuss that in the surgery, is there a female GP in your GP practice you may find it easier to explain your worries

    Good Luck


  • hello Bob.are you by any chance in scottish borders?they didnt ask me at the hospital if I required a copy of any letter sent to my gp.i think they send them electronically these days i have said to my GP and rheumatologist that I ahd lost weight neither took me seriously a scales showed no difference(cos abdominal weight gain counteracted).only 2 female gps -one I don't like and the other seems to be part time.

  • Hello anbum

    Yes I live no more than eight miles from the England/Scottish Border near Berwick upon Tweed.

    Are you around these neck of the woods.

    It would seem that you really need that second opinion or even a new surgery

    All the best


  • changing surgeries is not an option as i have already done so in 2005 cos I didnt like the first one where staff were so rude and unhelpful and no decent doctors.i only registered there cos it wa sthe nearest until a friend said that a dr at the other surgery was wantign new patients so transferred .started off the dr I registered with was really good but now in the last 2 years -guess its the way the NHS is now_no one wants to know.

  • Sounds to me like you've been eating a poor diet for a while - what do you eat and are you drinking alcohol?

  • as I replied to Lucy34,i only eat breakfast -cereal and fruit-or porridge and a small meal with potatoes and vegs and meat(rarely) chicken or fish.i dont eat cakes biscuits snacks or puddings and havent done so for about 5 years i don't drink alcohol and if I do have a rare drink its either just a Baileys or advocaat(snowball)

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