Another Day

Oh gawd, it's another day......I am hanging on to the thought that I have an appointment tomorrow and can get back onto my old meds regime. I know that it will take a few weeks for them to kick in but I will just have to grit my teeth and ride it out.

I felt absolutely dreadful when I woke up this morning....I have found having this to do helps distract the feelings a bit. It is another crawl under the nearest stone day....but it might get better later, usually after 4ish, so things that I need to do I will try and do then and not worry about them at the mo.

The thing that worries me a lot is all the confuffle about benefits and as I can't work at the moment I am terrified that they will reduce my benefits and I won't feeds into an old experience of my parents going bankrupt when I was young and all the stigma and chaos, moving from rented place to place.....horrific, makes me feel very, very insecure.

Hugs to everyone who is struggling today

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    Just keep calm, there is a site that deals with benefit and Government department, I think it is called Direct

    That will most probably help with your worries as you will not need to talk to anyone.

    It is no good worrying about past or future problems, we have enough going on in life to imagine problems that do not need fixing at that time. Just live your life, we cannot change the past and there is always a clean piece of paper when we open a new page

    Good Luck



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