Physcotherapy appointment has left me feeling really confused (again) :(

I have been having regular physcotherapy appointments since late November last year. As you can see from my previous posts I have struggled with up and down emotions regarding my relationship. Anyway the last week, 10 days i have felt in a really good place. In a better place than I have felt for a while. Settled, happy, in love, have felt loved etc. I felt as if I had turned a corner. My boyfriend and I have had some meaningful conversations about our relationship, quite serious topics, and its future and it has all seemed and felt good. And then i went to my physcotherapy session last night. And today I dont feel so good. I feel low and a bit sad. I feel I need to question things again. Why? Is this therapy telling me that he isnt the one for me? Any advice any one can give would be appreciated


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6 Replies

  • Hi Lily - good to hear that you managed to patch things up with your boyfriend.

    I don't think your mood and your doubts are related to your therapy. They are an expression of your insecurities - left over from your previous relationship. Just accept the doubts as your brain reminding you that sometimes things can go wrong but also tell yourself that they won't this time and you have so much evidence - including recent evidence that things are different this time. It may be a question of saying that things will be okay this time until you believe it but I think that is what you need to do.

  • Hello Lily

    You, if I remember had a sad period with your old Ex, now you know in your own mind are managing to straighten out the problems that you had.

    Everyone who has problems like yours always looks back to be unsettled and all it is, is you denying happiness for yourself and boyfriend. Try and realize that you like everyone wants and needs happiness, and as explained above you were feeling that you had it licked, be happy with that and allow yourself the happiness that you deserve. Understand it is not just you,it is also your boyfriend that are grasping happiness. It is a gift, enjoy it.

    Look to the future and realize it sounds that you have a like minded person to possibly spend your life with.

    Enjoy all that your future life entails


  • Hi Lily

    I always feel really low after my sessions too, I think it's because I end up discussing upsetting memories from my past.

    Jules x

  • I have felt so low since then its crazy. I cant stop crying, negative thoughts are whirling round in my head and because everything got too much today I pushed away my boyfriend. Told him I didnt love him. So he has gone and given the last few weeks of my up/down behaviour i dont think we have much chance of working things out. I'm sat here on my own feeling very sad and very tired of all these conflicting thoughts and feelings

  • Oh no, has he really gone? We're you angry with him? Do you think things may seem better in the morning? Sometimes we are not in control of our emotions and your boyfriend will appreciate this. Have you told your therapist what is happening as a consequence of the sessions?

  • He has gone yes. To be honest i don't blame him, i have been unable to be consistent with my feelings for him. One day i love him, the next i don't. He deserves so much better, he really is one of the good guys in this world. I want to love him so much, I want him in my life but all I seem to do is hurt him. I am going to speak to the therapist at my next appointment on tuesday. I just feel so sad and empty.