The Darkness

The Darkness

The Darkness

Today I am in the black pit

Where it seems that all

Life has to offer

Is pain.

I’ve been here before

I’ve left before

And I know I may

Return again.

I don’t need to be comforted

I need to feel this

Not suppress it

Let it pass.

I need to work through this

Not bury it

Or it will re-surface


Today I am in the black pit

Where it seems that all

Life has to offer

Is pain.


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11 Replies

  • Gambit sending a hug to you. Love the photo.


  • Just going through a bad patch. Week started off with pre-menstral anxiety that got to point where I didn't feel I could bear it. Came home on Monday and it was just so good to be in the dark and quiet that I didn't turn the lights on in the house either before or after I went for a run in the moonlight ... and went to bed quite early. Period started yesterday so that died down but today wasn't a good day. Went to see a friend who is going down hill and today he was in pain and didn't want me around ... and I didn't see the boyfriend because he had chest pains this morning.

  • thinking of you gambit, must have been difficult not be able to help your friend, hope this time next week monday will feel like a distant memory.

    A run in the moonlight sounds special though

  • Thanks

  • I can totally relate to this as I have suffered anxiety (GAD) and Depression for 4 years now, but I am currently attending weekly CBT Sessions with a Therapist which is helping a great deal.

  • Glad you found something you could relate to in the poem

  • You will rise out of this again.... we do..... because we are very strong.

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Love Julie xx

  • Hope you start to feel well soon

  • I'm sorry life is hard for you right now. Lovely cat!

  • Picture was taken a few months ago so she is a bit bigger now - and more cat like but still cute. One of her brothers lives with me but her other brother and her sister live a couple of doors down - sister was in running around when I got home - often comes round for a bite (cat biscuits always down) and a play - though haven't seen her for a while - probably because she's just been spayed ... Sephie was done a little while after the picture was taken ...

  • I know the feeling pain can cause so much depression I just keep praying that it will pass I hate feeling down keep faith