Just a quick post to say hi!

Hey guys!

Hope everyone is ok?

You'll be happy to hear I'm having a pretty good week really, since Thursday I've had a complete up! Doing my uni work and being happy about it. Weird, haven't felt this good in ages.

I've noticed little things that get me down, like when I feel dirty (you know that dirty feeling? Doesn't actually mean you are dirty, you just feel it?) that gets me down, having a shower perks me up, singing helps (even if I cant sing) and reading takes my mind off things.

I think the reason I'm feeling happy is the maybe job position. I've applied for the student travel ambassador and it sounds exactly what I've been looking for and everything that I am - heavily relied on media! I've been learning media for 5/6 years now, and I'm a creative writer, and they like that sort of shizz, so I'm excited. They liked my written application and asked for a video application - which I have finished and sent off... so it's the waiting game.

I'm trying not to let me thoughts get me down, I know I haven't got it, but I'm still so hopefully it's annoying. As when I get the rejection email it's gonna sting big, and I know all the progress I've made will come crashing down =[

Trying hard though, and fingers crossed!


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  • I always feel guilty when I see your posts, because I always seem to be in work when you write, and I never get to answer you! Fantastic news about the job, and the 'up'! I love a good sing, but I'm sure you can sing much better than I can! I've started (well attempted to start!) the NHS Couch to 5K and that is lifting my spirits a bit! Long may it continue for you! X

  • Such a great post . Keep up those positive thoughts and positive things will happen.

    My daughter bought me a series of 'positive thought' cards and I usually chqange it every day but this one I have kept for a while as it is very true of me, ( and many of us I think).

    'We are shaped by our thoughts

    We become what we think' ..... Buddha.

    How true is that!!!

    So positive thoughts bring positive actions.

    I really hope that this job becomes yours.

    All the very best, Julie xx

  • Helli



  • Hi So glad every thing seems to be going well, and you are positive on the job front, I hope you get the ambassadors job, (never been friends with an Ambassador before, such high circles). and best of luck with Uni and exams. Try to keep smiling and positive My best wishes for you


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