Underneath the Sofa

Underneath the Sofa

Mentioned yesterday that one of the cats has taken to stealing my biros and my guess was they were under the sofa. Well, as another one was knocked off the table this morning I finally got round to pulling out the sofa and this is what I saw. Made me laugh.

Whilst I was clearing everything out Sephie pushed a couple of pens underneath the sofa - but I got round that by pushing the sofa back and picking them up ... but even so in the short period of time between taking the photo and starting to write this one of the pens has been pushed back under the replaced sofa ... but at least I have enough pens to keep me going for a week or so now


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20 Replies

  • OMG, that is gorgeous!!! This boy has a thing for rubber bands. I'm worried one day he will assault the postie in his quest to get a supply....

  • Unfortunately there were also a couple of desicated earth worms under there as well - out of shot ... another one of Sephie's habits is to bring in earth worms and play with them. She obviously has a thing for pen sized objects :)

  • My poor gardening might have an upside...no earthworm hunting yet :)

  • Hello

    Cat must be wanting to go to college, or write some letters, bright cat

    All the best


  • Not sure about being bright because once they are under the sofa she can't actually get to them :)

  • Hello

    Sadly not a cat person, although our dog hides things under furniture and will remember where He put it months later.


  • Sort of suspected that you were more of a dog person than a cat person - won't hold it against you.

    Hope Pax doesn't indulge in earthworms.

  • Pax picks pockets for tissues that He rips up before you can stop hime. Should have called Him Fagin

    All the best


  • my Max (god bless his soul)once buried a bone in a playing field and three weeks later went and dug it up.how do they remember ?I cant remember where I put things a few moments ago.when I moved house a few months after I adopted him we went back to where we lived about a year after and he still remembered the park and where his 2 best dog pals lived.he even went to go to our old flat.i wish my memory wa sthat good,

  • dont they have funny fettishes?my annie has a fettish for socks and gloves and if I happen to be talking to someone and they have their gloves in their hands she will jump up quick as a flash and steal one.not as much as stealing biros!

  • There are a few documented cases of cats that go around stealing items of clothing from other people's houses but I haven't seen any sign of that - just a few rubber bits from where a neighbours repaired car - again it has to be long and thin like a biro or an earthworm.

  • Yes Dogs have some funny habits. My dog years ago used to steal dirty

    Clothes from laundry.bin. She would run off with them.Pets are

    Funny . Hope your weekend is going ok.


  • Ah Gambit that's so funny. I had a lovely Burmese Ozzy and he would push things off

    A shelf with his paw. My CD'. Pens, you name it. He once ran up the chimney in my parents house, he came flying down covered In soot and we all laughed

    So much.

    That photo is typical of cats, being a cat lover It's really made me laugh. Thanks

    For posting it.

    Hannah x

  • We had a terrier before Pax and his memory was really good, we used to have holidays yearly and He would remember that he had forgot at toy, He went back six months later and found it. There is a great deal going on in their heads, they are no way daft, that is reinforced with Pax He has a half acre out there and He knows were everything is that been hidden


  • There's an album by one of my favourite bands called Fishing For Luckies. Came from the singer/guitarist's ex who called looking for stuff under the sofa "fishing for luckies". You're obviously found Sephie's luckies!

    When she was younger Layla used to hide under our armchairs - they had storage space under, covered by the upholstery - and dive out to clutch people's socks when they sat down!

  • At one point we had 3 cats - two males (brothers) and an unrelated female. One of the males would knock at the front door when they wanted to come in ... and the female would immediately go and hide behind the sofa and then jump out on him as he went past. He never seemed to learn as there were several other routes he could have taken round the house :)

  • Hi gambit

    Wow that's impressive, my cat too loves playing with pens. I recently pulled back our sofa and found all her mouse toys under there

    Jules x

  • my annie sits by the fridge and paws all the magnets off until I open it and she looks around for her favourite chicken roll and as soon as I mention the word "walk",all her toys come flying out of the box and then i ahve to wait fro her to eat her food.(she only eats before a walk)

  • photo made me smile........our cat luigi sits for his meals when you ask him. our dear old megan (yorkie)used to make us laugh as once we were watching a home made dvd of our pet rabbits and she watched it with us,when the rabbit ran off screen she ran around the coffee table to look behind the screen for it! :)

    cookie our dog we have now can use the tv cabinet handle and knock it as her fave squeaky toy is kept in there as she gets too excited playing with it and the relentless squeeking drives us crazy! lol x

  • Awww bless I was feeling pretty rubbish but this really made me smile, thanks x)

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