Psychotic Depression?

Hello everyone,

I can see that some of you have responded to my last post about my daughter, but my laptop won't show me the responses for some reason?

Anyway, I was wondering whether any of you have experiences of the above? Or know of the symptoms?

I'm worried I have this. Some days (today included) I'm gifted with a 'good day', where I'm still very tired/lacking enthusiasm/focus etc. but have a great degree of insight into my own mental health. But I do get some periods of time where I go into a 'crazy' mood. I destroy my possessions, trash the house, don't take my medication because I don't trust what's in it, and when I have attempted suicide in the past I have heard a voice which sounded like a man and woman combined saying 'more' as I took each tablet. Obviously, right now I'm happy to discuss the symptoms online fairly anonymously. But when I see my new psychiatrist next week for the first time I probably wouldn't tell them. I've not taken any medication for about 14 days now (SSRI's). I haven't really felt any different.

My days are really varying. One day I won't get out of bed and barely eat. The next day I'll tidy the house, do food shopping, eat excessively, do at least a small amount of my work for my social work masters (which I'm usually not able to do at all). The next day may be fairly similar, maybe with not as much vigour. And then I might have a day where I'm in bed again all day. It's completely random, with no obvious pattern.

While I don't hear 'voices' all the time, I'm always aware of 'something' pushing me, and I'm really aware of everyone, like I think they're watching me or judging me, or know something about me.

Any thoughts?

Thanks everyone, hopefully I'll be able to see these responses if I get any!

Karen :)


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12 Replies

  • Hi Karen

    Sometimes you need to click on the post title to see your responses. Also, if you change your settings to get email notifications, you can read replies on there!

    It certainly sounds as though sometimes not quite right, doesn't it? How long have you been on meds, because they can give unwanted side effects for the first few weeks or so?

    I'm no expert on any conditions, but I would advise being as open and honest with your new psychiatrist as you possibly can. That way he / she will be able to support you most effectively.

    Lucy x

  • Hmm, well I can read this response, still nothing on my other post! Will look into it a bit later. I have been on this particular anti-depressant for bout a month before I stopped taking it. So not long really?

  • It could be to do with that? How long were you on them previously? X

  • not long enough for the anti-dep to take effect, it can take two or three months for the level to build up in your body to the right dose, so just got to patient with it I'm afraid.

    Glad you are getting advice from a psychiatrist . It might help to write down what is happening in case you find you clam up on the day,

    If you go to the home page where the latest postings are click on your name from this posting and it will show your activity, then click on the 'do i talk to my daughter' title, scroll down to find the replies.

  • Please be honest with your psychiatrist and talk to him/her about everything. They won't be able to help you properly unless they know all the facts.

    Some depressions due involve quite significant mood swings with periods when people do a lot and others when they don't - this isn't necessarily bi-polar or psychotic but is part of the way we can all react/over-react to things - like the brain overcompensates for the down by making you go to the other extreme. Please talk it all through with your psychiatrist when you see them. It is easy to be scared of things that we don't understand and that can make the situation worse. Good to ask for information and to be honest your psychiatrist is the person who will either have the answers or access to the answers. I know it's really scary and it is difficult to trust someone but if you don't give someone that leeway and behave as if you don't trust them then the relationship will definitely not go well.

  • Its difficult, because the reason I wouldn't give them the whole picture would be because this 'something' is telling me its a bad idea. I could write everything down and just pass the letter on, but the 'something' would probably stop me doing that too! Hmm, a difficult situation...

  • I know it isn't easy and really I'm not telling you anything that you don't actually know yourself. Somehow you need to find a way of listening to that bit of you that wants to get better and knows that the only way of getting there is to trust people - and that bit is definitely there or you wouldn't have posted here.

    Hope you can manage to do that.

  • wonder if you could post or e-mail that letter to him before the session, do it on a day when you are able to tell the voices to shut - up

  • Hello

    With regards to the two conditions conditionss you have mentioned I would have words with the GP and will arrange an appointment for you, I would recommend the appointment ASAP, You could have a Manic Depression.

    Good luck


  • Hi there, hearing voices and other symptoms of psychosis are more common than ppl think, these still so much stigma attached to any psychotic illness,though so it's not really talked about openly, please tell your doctor or psychiatrist about these symptoms , my daughters been taking an antipsychotic (olanzapine) which have helped her to recover, she still has what she calls 'having a weird' ! , but can now cope a lot better when it happens :)

    Mimii xx

  • Hi Karen,

    You are obviously A bright woman if you are doing a Masters .

    You have to be totally honest with the doctors or the psychiatrist. , otherwise

    You would be wasting your time and theirs. How can they help you if they

    Think you are on anti depressant when in fact you are not complying with the

    Medication. .

    The tablets take a while to work so stopping and starting is no good. As Gambit

    Already said , you must listen to the rational side of your brain. Know your mind

    Is playing tricks on you. Tell the doctors all about these voices and they will

    Be able to help you, otherwise it's like Studying Chinese yet doing An exam

    In Russian. Your results will be nil unless you come clean with all the medics.

    You are an adult and if you want to be helped you must be honest and accept

    All the help without you controlling what help you take and what advice you will



  • i have some days like im immortal,and im a god everythings brighter then i crash and burn,we all need help my friend but how and where.i hope your ok

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