Okay Friday

Okay Friday

Somewhere to leave the negative and share the positive.

Its okay to need a rant. Its okay to need a cry

Its okay to miss my dad

Its okay to miss my gran

It feels like it has been another tough week but its good that this community continues to be a supportive place.

My energy levels are starting to pick up as the anti-biotics kick in on a chest infection that meant it was difficult to even read posts at the start of this week let alone respond to them, and that's okay because sometimes it is really difficult to know what to say and may be that is because there isn't anything to say.

The picture is of a stress ball.

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11 Replies

  • I'm glad you're starting to feel better, Gambit. I had antibiotics for a chest infection before Christmas. It's so debilitating coughing all the time isn't it? X

  • Ironically the coughing was done when I had a virus a few weeks earlier - not really been coughing much with the bacterial infection - just a painful chest.

  • Gambit I hope your beginning to feel a bit better. It is a nasty dose

    And I think you have to allow yourself the time to recover and get

    Healthy. Sometimes everything is an effort and then you have to put

    Yourself first,.

    Nice little poem and yes it is ok to be us..Kind hugs and wishes.


  • Hi Hannah I'm starting to suffer from withdrawal symptoms.

    All my love


  • I am sorry to read you have been battling with illness as much as I am relieved to hear that you feel better today. Your message the other day together with the likes of Lucy and Hannah have made me feel the least not "alone" in this world so I would like you to know that my thoughts are with you despite being miles away. Hope you soon shrug this cold off completely.

  • I used to have one those globe stress balls - except in Themysworld it was a mini indoor football :)

    It's ok that rent and travel to work takes up 60% of my salary, and I always have to worry about money.

    It's ok that I feel morose about being single at the moment, and that I feel like I'm doomed to that forever.

    On the positive side the Sky dish for our flat is now fixed. I have been to the gym and I did 1km more than I'd set myself as a target.

  • Hi Themys . That's great that you went to Gym. Enjoy your life as

    A singleton as I feel your not going to be single for too long. Then you will

    Think ' I don't have a moment' , we are social a animals and we are

    Hard wired to find a mate. Mind you the Male of the species is

    Wired to find a few mates. Lol

    Stay well


  • Hugs. Glad you are feeling brighter.



  • Glad you're feeling better, Gambit.

    Keep taking it easy though as chest infections can really wipe you out.x

  • Hi gambit x hope you are feeling better xxx

  • Hi Gambit, It looks like my world, at the moment.

    keep smiling


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