Do I take daughter to GP?

Hello everyone,

My daughter's been having some troubles recently. I think she might be depressed, but every time I ask her about it she says she's not and changes the subject.

I know it might be me overreacting, being depressed myself. But she stays in bed a lot and can't seem to be bothered to do anything. Nothing significant has happened to set it off, I'm just worried. She's 14, this could be just normal behaviour for her age?

Maybe I'm over thinking things....

Karen :)

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  • Hi Karen, welcome to the site!

    I have a 14 year old and I'd like to confirm that staying in bed is most definitely preferable to housework, homework, breakfast or communicating!

    There are lots of signs to look out for in teenagers. Does she have a group of friends? Do you know them? Does she use the Internet and do you supervise how and when she uses it? Is she eating as normal? What about her school work? Is it in line with usual performance?

    The teenage years are a tough time and I don't think there'll ever be a set of rules to follow. I suppose the biggest clue for you will be behaviour that's different for her, as opposed to looking at how she compares to other fourteen year olds.

    Do you have a good relationship with her, Karen? Can you talk to her?

    Lucy x

  • Hello Lucy

    All you can do is talk with her she is still young and is really just in her teens, a problem period in all children, and all that will happen is she will gag up and you will get nothing.

    Ask regarding why she is staying in bed, take an interest in here schooling, there could be something there. You could in confidence have words with her form teacher in a private way and see what is going on in class. Be gentle, you will get more out of her that a friend with an open mind, do not shout.

    If really concerned take further advice from the GP they will have ways of helping in these situations, He/She will have ways of dealing with the young, remember she is a very young women that is still a child

    I am not sure how schools react to student privacy, that may need to be taken into consideration, may know how to approach your daughter or know what is going on in class, they have that write of care to their charges.

    Good luck

  • Hi Karen being a teenager brings moods and hormonal changes.You say she had some troubles recently.! would you care to share or are they friends problems or school difficulties. I think keeping

    The lines of communication open will help her. Keep an eye on other signs without

    Obsessing about it. Does she talk to friends or go out with them?

    She is lucky to have a Mum who is supportive and aware.


  • Some research a few years ago showed that teenagers actually need to sleep more - partly the hormones but also a lot of wiring going on in the brain.

    Let her know you are there if she wants to talk ... and that it's okay if she doesn't want to talk.

  • Hi Karen,

    I was reading some psychology stuff a while ago that said there are two ages where kids become naturally a bit self-centred as part of their usual psychological development. One is teenage years, so it could well just be usual adolescent stuff, maybe feeling a bit sorry for herself if she has had a rough time lately.

    Do agree with the questions Lucy asked though about the other signs to look for.


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