some drumming and dancing is due

some drumming and dancing is due

Thanks to whoever recommended the site.. I was drawn to this vid, check out the short section at timeline 15.30, .... I love the contrast between the formal western approach to therapy, and the traditional african way, Where getting out into the sunshine, music, drumming and dance, are all so much part of the long used therapy, depression is seen as an invasive spirit .

While the western psychologists were asked to leave the country , because all they did was to take people into dingy little rooms and made to talk about bad things that happened for an hour, no wonder they were asked to leave the country!!!

Self analysis is a tool, , but can become like a hammer, which we hit ourselves with, and like any tool needs to be put in the tool box for a while........For 2014 I want to find that balance between finding the right tools, and taking up some more of the feel-good things,

I've spent too many sodding years brooding over negative stuff,

Well the rain is certainly doing its best for the garden right now, so in door stuff it is today.....Going to dig out some C.D.s , carry on sprucing up the place, and get ready for a nice day out tomorrow. Yes I know not your classic high-living, but I hope it will be a firm foundation for the year to come.

Hope you guys find the right mixture of metaphorical concrete to set some good foundations this month for the rest of the year.

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  • Yes gardengnome,some good stuff on there :)