Still no further forward with the job hunt

I have been for a 3rd interview with the same company for the same job. I am starting to feel like I am wasting my time with them. I just want to get a job and not constantly worry about money. I seem to spend loads of cash on going to interviews and then have to go back and spend even more then. I am feeling my confidence ebbing away. Sleep has started to become difficult again and I keep waking up. I keep wondering what would life be like without all this crap. It just seems pointless


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  • Have faith in yourself. Good stuff could be just around the corner. Chin up. Look at every interview as a learning experience. You are just practising for the perfect interview for the perfect job. X

  • Hello

    It seems that at least they are still still considering you for the job, I suppose there must have been a lot of people after the post. So be positive and goodluck


  • thanks to you both. i know i just need to relax and the right job will come along

  • Hi Scoobydoo I'm sorry that things are tough for you right now. Job hunting is hard , is

    There any kind of Jobs Club in your area, where people meet to discuss the job hunt

    And exchange support.

    Please don't give up. , try and take it each day rather than sinking into negative

    Thoughts about your future. Be patient with yourself at this difficult time and see it as

    A numbers game, the more things you apply for the better chance you will have.

    Try and be kind to yourself and plan something nice for yourself for the weekend

    To give you a mental break.


  • If it's any consolation, each interview you attend gives you an advantage over people without experience of thIs kind of situation. I think job interviews for people suffering with anxiety or depression are especially hard, as every element of disappointment is magnified tenfold. There are always many more people seeking employment at this time of year. Maybe things will settle in he new year and that perfect position will present itself to you x

  • thanks x

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