Has anyone done adult colouring?

I saw my CPN yesterday and she suggested when I am really down I should do adult colouring. I had told her that I find some of my coping strategies hard to do when I feel really bad because I can't concentrate.

When I was in hospital the second time OT consisted of me cutting out bats with children's scissors and I found this a really low point because I felt this is what I had come down to. I have similar feelings about colouring.

I am not arty and don't enjoy drawing much. However I will try anything if it will help me beat this illness and I was just wondering if anyone else had tried adult colouring and if it is not as childish as it sounds.

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  • Hi Raymond,

    I paint Watercolours and sketch and I find it great. You totally forget all your worries.

    Even if you feel your not arty , that's not a problem. Just forget your being

    Self conscious and even just put some colours down any old way. Even

    Doodling is great.

    Please try it Raymond and remember it's not about making " the great work of Art"

    It's about totally doing something creative. I have a friend and she hasn't an

    Artistic bone in her body ( according to her) and she loves those Painting by numbers


    Let me know how you get on.


  • I really like mosaic colouring books! I find it really distracts me, and I like the patterns. Also, I am most certainly not arty!

    I hope you find something that helps :)

  • Colouring in is really soothing and could be good for you. I go into another world when I am doing ity.... very rtelaxing. Good luck.

  • If you can't find a colouring book you like you can try 'walk the dog'. It's a. Bit like what you may used to do on Paint on a PC. take a sheet of paper and a pencil and just draw a big wiggly line, crossing over and going right to the end of the pages. Once you've done enough you just colour in the blobs. Hope this helps

  • Coloring helps me.... it's in my top ten toolbox for feeling better. I carry crayons with me... pencils too... I can't say enough about coloring and all art for that matter... no one has to be a "good" artist to reap the benefits.... great joy being one of them.

    I used to be a little shy to color in public but I got over that... I've had some fun experiences where someone's asked if they could borrow a crayon... a family ended up coloring on the subway with me.... jiggly lines because the ride was so bumpy... everyone laughing...

  • gosh thanks for reminding me, something to add to my calming tool box. used to find this quite meditative. time to dig out those crayons again.. best of all there is no wrong or right way to do this.

  • Thanks everyone. I have ordered myself 2 colouring books and will let you know how I get on.

  • morrisons and some book or craft shops sell grown-ups colouring books - when I say "adult" colouring books some people snigger or say "ooh etr missus!"

    they have nice scenes, animals, flowers, etc...

    I find it very relaxing and hope you will too.

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