ok so i have now been signed off for another two weeks from work, and i am seeing a psychiatrist on thursday through private health care ...... for depression and ptsd..... thing is how much time do i need to take off work as i am getting more stressed about work being at home, my boss has said if i want to i can come in and talk about what is stressing me out ..... even that is causing me to get stressed about that ... is that normal ..... its like i cant face it .....


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  • Hi pitzey, I know how you feel as i was originally signed off work with work related stress. I spent the first few weeks feeling guilty about not being at work, my circumstances have now changed with my dad being ill but that is another story. Would suggest you take the time off that you need and when you are ready to go back to work that they come to see you to go through the issues rather than going into the workplace. I find it useful to write myself some notes before seeing my employer. They are coming round to see me today and it is already stressing me out!

    Jules x

  • Employers ask you to go in, to cover their backs and try and make themselves seem supportive. The reality is, if they'd supported you properly in the first place, you wouldn't be off. You don't have to be in touch if you're off with stress, and they aren't allowed to contact you x

  • How much time is needed varies from person to person.

    It sounds as if work isn't the only factor that is affecting you at the moment and you need the space to sort out the other issues as well/first.

    I presume that you are in regular contact with your GP and they may be able to advise you on what you can and can't do in relation to returning to work. I know it's really stressful being signed off - though must admit that the start of the last period I had (earlier this year) was just a relief - knew in my heart that it was the right decision but really couldn't bring myself to make that decision so there was a huge sense of relief when after 5 minutes of me burbling about all the reasons why I had to keep going my GP just told me I wasn't fit for work and he was signing me off - to be honest struggling on and just making myself worse - to be honest I probably should have accepted being signed off for 6 weeks with a broken ankle rather than trying to work from home but we all have senses of loyalty to the people we work with and don't want to let them down. It really took a few months for me to get back properly and I ended up being signed off for about a month in the meantime so didn't really save on any time.

    When you are ready to return to work it is likely that you will be encouraged to go for a phased return to work.

    If your depression and anxiety are long term conditions then you will also be covered by the Disability Discrimination Act which means that your employer will be obliged to make reasonable adjustments - though that is rather subjective but that's a bridge to cross when you get there.

  • well the good news is work have sorted me out , and have been to see a psyciatrist on monday and its all going to plan

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