How gorgeous must I look, sat on a bus crying!

I never catch busses, I didn't even know how much the fare was! I'm not allowed to drive for 24 hours following my endoscopy. I really don't know know I'm crying on the way to work, or why I'm even going to work. I feel so rough. I came back yesterday to about 20 emails from colleagues, so I put out a group email to everyone saying I would reply tomorrow and apologising. Then my boss put up a status on Facebook something about not liking pitiful women who feel sorry for themselves. Now my counsellor will tell me not to assume things are meant for me, when they could be intended for something completely different. But in that instance it was really hard. I didn't sleep well, my daughter was anything but cooperative this morning and now I'm on my way to work, feeling at the bottom of the sea. And quite wishing I was there, too :(


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8 Replies

  • Aw Lucy sorry to hear this.

    I really hope things feel better soon. You are bound to be feeling sensitive at this time. You do so well though Lucy.

    your boss sounds awful. For a professional person to write that on her status it says a lot about her...I understand your feelings about things written on Facebook, it's a great thing for nice photies of people and family you haven't seen for ages etc, but a nightmare for people like us who can be sensitive and anxious about things, I know I would react just like you. She really isn't worth a consideration in this, think about you,

    You did the exact right thing sending a group email to acknowledge and confirm when you would respond. So the Facebook status could not be about you as you were very professional in your approach. If by any chance it was about you I think your boss perhaps needs some counselling herself :)

    Thinking of you and hope things improve as the day goes on.

    Sending a hug

    Sue xx

  • Hi Lucy

    Things sound really hard at the moment for you! I agree that your boss sounds insensitive at the least - she may not have intended the comment to be about you, but she may and either way she is rude and insensitive to write about people in that way but I know that while you are feeling sorry for yourself you are bound to take it personally, many of us would do the same. I don't know whether you feel it would make things worse, but does she know how you feel about her comments and how what you need is support - is there anywhere you can find support at work?

    If you feel so rough perhaps you need to take a day or two off work, an endoscopy can be stressful at the least. I hope you manage to cope but if you continue to feel so stressed is there any possibility of your changing jobs in time as your health comes before any job. I do wish there was some practical thing we could do to help you as I can really empathise with how you are feeling.

    Take care and have another big hug from me too.


  • Thanks Sue, it's been such a difficult day, it was nice to see your reply x

  • Hi Lucy , just a very quick hello to you. That was A horrible

    Thing that your boss wrote on Facebook, very unprofessional to say the least of it. You disregard her and it and just concentrate

    On you, you are the one who needs comfort. Be gentle with

    Yourself and take a day off if you feel worse.

    Hugs to you and please look after yourself.


  • Hi

    Why are you looking at Facebook and letting it upset you. You should keep facebook for family and friends and she does not come into that category. If you use it a lot then tell her someone has hacked your account and you need to reset it and then defriend her and don't add her back on (must be technical issues).

  • Hi Lucy, hope the day improved and you got through it ok.....your school day will be over by now and I hope you can get some time to put your feet up with a nice cuppa and chillax :)

    Sue xx

  • Thanks so much for your reply! I spent half the day in tears but it got a bit better eventually! It was so nice of you to think of me Sue xx

  • De-friend that horrible person. I have never included work colleagues on my FB page.I work with them.... I don't want to necessarily be friends with the. That was horrible whoever it was meant for and shows very little professionalism about that person.... juts plain nasty.

    Don't take it on board too much , ( I know that's hard). You are not feeling well so putting out a collective e-mail should be fine. Those people know you will get back to them.

    Hope the day got a little better. [[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS}}}}}}}}}}}}}}. Love Julie xx

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