New addition

I made it through another day. . .

Went n done my little job this morning then spent rest of the day with my bestie n she got a new tat that looks fab.

I finally gave into my children and got them a guinea pig 7pm Monday night, he is settling well and tbh I am quite enjoying cuddles with him myself when girls go to bed!

My 7yr old attitude stinks and I am end of my teather I just don't know how to deal with her which is prob another factor gettin me down.

Doing my volunteering again tomorrow but dreading it already.

Everyday is feeling like a struggle ATM.

Hope everyone is getting along better than I'm feeling.


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9 Replies

  • Oh dear,. sounds like you are having a rough time at the moment.Love the guinea pig.. they are supposed to be one of the easiest pets to keep and don't have attitude!!!! Is your daughter upset/ angry about something that is making her have this attitude ?? I would only say try and sit down with her and get to the bottom of why she is like this, my advice but I haven't had this problem.

    Volunteering is such rewarding work, I know I did it myself. You can be assured that the people there really appreciate you turning up,and being there.. So, you go along and be somewhere where you are fully appreciated. That will do you a power of good. Thinking of you, Julie xx

  • Hi cookie

    Lovely to hear about your new addition, what have you named him? We have two chinchillas called Pringles and Nibbles. I love talking to them and have them feed out of my hand. We have a few cuddles too although they are so fast that they tend to want to run around more than anything. Quite often they hide up behind our cupboard and can be a nightmare to catch, but i wouldn't be without them and they're so lovable.

    I'm sorry to hear about your daughter. I can honestly relate to how you feel. My 10 year old is going through a phase of rebellion with attitude too. We managed to have a quiet chat after one particular tantrum episode and I suggesed to her about whether she would like to have a "think box" where she could put down on paper and post it in the box about anything in particular that has happened to upset or bothered her, or if there was just anything in particular she would like to talk about each day. She loved the idea and has just finished decorating her box, so now its ready for her to write down her feelings. I am yet to see if it works but I am hoping so. I just thought I would mention it to you to see if you think it might be worth trying with your 7 year old? Sorry if I seem to be overstepping the mark as I don't mean it in that way.

    I do hope things get better for you.

    love Tracy xx

  • Hi we have named him fudge and seems to be settling well. Although the dog still keeps going potty around him but luckily the cats are laid back and couldn't care less. . .

    I love the indeed of a box. . . I may mention it to her tomorrow. Thank you for the idea. Let me know how u get on with ur daughters one (if you don't mind)


  • Aww, I love the name and its great to hear that he's settling in well. Yes my dogs go a little potty around my two but the dogs know when they've gone too close as the chins have a habit of nipping their noses, not enough to harm but to keep them on their toes lol!

    Glad you like the idea. Yes I will update you with progress with my daughter for sure. She's just told me that she's going to be writing one for us to read through together tomorrow so we can approach any issues she has, so fingers crossed! Do update me and let me know if you try it and if so how it all goes for you both?!

    take care

    Tracy xxx

  • hi cookie, sorry to hear you feeling down.

    we have 4 ginea pigs; cinnamon,caramel,sugar and honey all are quite elderly now but they make us laugh with their antics and funny noises, theyre a great pet to have.

    ive been through same thing with my daughter,shes 22 now and so my son (15) is testing my patience, but it will stop. I tend to go into the garden with a cuppa when he gets too much lip with me x

  • Ahh lovely names for your guineas :-)

    If I was to step in the garden every time lately then I may as go live in the summer house.

    If she is this bad at 7 then I am going to need more than luck to get me through the teenage years!


  • glad to hear that you have a guinea pig and get to cuddle him.

    Sorry to hear about your daughter - not had children myself but always felt that if I did I'd probably want to lock them away between ages of 6 and 20 :)

    I guess it's the battle of wills as she starts to assert her independence but it can be so cruel. Part of it is probably trying to get a reaction from you and I know its hard but if you don't react then its more likely to stop quicker. Does she get on with her father - could he intercede or mediate a 3 way sit down in which you tell her how what she is doing is making you feel. If she wants to be treated like an adult then that might be a more constructive way of going. Though its probably a lot harder.

  • Locking them away sounds appealing ATM or boarding school. . Haha

    Maybe I will try this box idea, sounds worth a try. . .

    I don't know about treating her more like an adult as she seems to be regressing. . . Eg wanting me to help her get dressed in the mornings etc when she can do it herself. She can make her breakfast but often wants me to get it all for her. . . Just feel I am being pulled 300 ways.

    Just wan ago to bed and get up when I am feeling more happier like the old me. . . (Although not sure who I was anymore)

    Sorry for ramble. . .


  • Ramble is okay - think you are right about not treating her like an adult if the problem is clingy type behaviour. Sounds like the opposite problem - scared of her independence. Hope she grows out of it soon.

    Take care

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