Feels like I'm slipping back under the darkness of depression

I have had a really bad year and a half. Murder,Sick leave from work, Redundancy, Depression, Stress, Anxiety and an upcoming murder trial. I was doing better till I got made redundant last month. So far I don't have a new job and I am coping ok with that. I have started to feel shaky and jittery again and have been crying most days. The upcoming murder trial is making me very nervous and i have started having some nightmares and other problems sleeping. I'm not sure how much more I can take

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  • A murder? That's horrendous. What a terrible thing to experience. Add that to being made redundant and having depression and it's no wonder you're feeling so awful :(

  • yip, my uncle was murdered last year. it still feels like a bit of a dream

  • As Lucy says you really have been put through things in the last year. I'm not surprised that you are having problems sleeping.

    Are you getting any support over the trial, from family, friends, victim support? May be there is a support group through that victim support can put you in contact with.

  • I've seen a counsellor and have family support. I can't help but think what is going to happen next

  • You can probably expect to feel like this until the trial begins, all through it and for a long time afterwards. Better to assume that you will and prepare yourself in the best way that you can. Maybe all this needs to take priority over looking for a new job x

  • Think Lucy is right. Just take it one day at a time ... or even one hour at a time.

  • thanks to you both. i think it needs to be day by day. the trial is due to last for up to 5 weeks and starts on 4th november

  • First yep sounds like it to me, First step, go see your gp, and put him/her in the picture, tell them how your feeling, and start helping yourself by going on your anti -s asap, so to help you cope better, shock like loosing your job , can trigger a bout of depression. So to be aware you are sensitive to that happening to you,,, is helping yourself.

    Deal with one thing at a time, and dont hit yourself hard, your doing as best as you can right now. take care x

  • thank you for your kind words and advice x